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Who’s That Lady: Heading for High Definition

I really wanted to title this entry “I’m back!” But I really never left, not really. I’ve been stalking my own blog. Returning to it every now and then to assess how it looks. To judge it with fresh eyes. To criticize my own creation. To think about where Who’s That Lady should go and how to get her there. I’ve been visiting other inspirational, religious, beauty, hair and even gossip blogs to see just how my offering “measures up” to what’s been going on out there in the blogosphere. I’ve been tracking hit downturns, upturns and no-turns at all to see when people stopped by the site most. What did I conclude from all of this? Not quite sure yet what the data is saying other than it’s time to grow.

One thing I know for sure is that I so miss blogging. I realized that blogging has been as much of an “inreach” ministry for my spiritual development as it has been an “outreach” ministry for all of you lovelies out there. I feel guilty about not carving time out for writing for Who’s That Lady. I told my sister the other day that I feel unbelievably disappointed in myself each time I visit the site to check it out for hits and then closing the browser and going about my little business.

In going about my business I discovered that my mind has been cluttered with the unnecessary I couldn’t hear what it was I was supposed to say to you. Who’s That Lady has been inspiring almost four years and most of those years everywhere I looked I saw a blog entry, but lately in the last 6 months, I’ve not been still enough with Who’s That Lady to be inspired. And of course, I had to ask myself why.

{Deep breath} I got (dare I say) distracted. Somewhere I put down the vision God had for Who’s That Lady and forgot where I put it. I’m picking it up again, and I am glad I have a group of readers, subscribers and blolleagues who have kept me inspired enough to pick it up again. With the help of a handful of sisters in Christ I am ready to move into the bright vision that is Who’s That Lady?

So stay with me lovelies. I’m slowly moving toward “bringing it” with Who’s That Lady in High Definition. It’s just gonna take a little time to get it fabulous. I’m not sure if you (or I) can take the bright fabulousness all at once. It won’t happen over night, but it will happen, and we will all be the better for it. I can’t wait to see how God lifts Who’s That Lady up so that she can sore. I’m glad to have you with me for the journey.

Strapping on My Wings
DiAnne L. Malone
Blog Editor and Administrator

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