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I wish that I could honestly say that a heartfelt apology is for you and not the other person. I can’t. Sometimes, an apology is for the other person, too. Sometimes the apology may not be for you at all and just for the other person. It’s about reconciling hearts to each other. It’s about restorative relationships. It’s about showing up for someone who needs to know you care enough to come back and offer recompense for an offense, and that makes the other person feel really special and valued, kinda like you want to feel sometimes.

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Y’all Still Out Here Living Your Best Lives?

So, this back and forth. If I don’t feel like going back and forth with some folks, can you even imagine how Sweet Jesus in his therapist glasses feels when He has to deal with my wishy-washy self? It’s a mess I’m sure. To be honest, I waiver when he tells me to do something I don’t want to do. Sometimes I’m all in, other times, I feel like I’m going to miss out on something if I’m looking to the hills. Sometimes I want to do the work of the kingdom at my job, in my church, and then the next moment I get so mad with folks in these spaces that I decide I ain’t doing nothing. I can imagine God just shaking his head at me and my foolishness.


New Day Resolution

For those of us who beat ourselves up when we make mistakes. For those of us who struggle with feelings of failure. For those of you reading who truly think about how people will feel if we don’t accomplish that New Year’s promise, we made to ourselves. For those of us who expect perfection from our imperfect selves, this New Day Resolution is the business.