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Work in the Mo(u)rning | Part 3

I know I’m supposed to leave you with an upshot.  I know you want the happily ever after, but there is no pretty bow with which to tie this blog.  I can only be honest, because, who knows, you may be sitting there reading this not realizing that the wheels of a leadership appointment are turning for you.  You need to know the worst, so when you get the best, it will be not expected, but a happy surprise.  I don’t want to lie to you, to tell you everything will be perfect; to ooze out sparkly stories of smooth sailing, ice cream castles and sunset dreams.  Leadership is hard.  Look here, sometimes the waters of leadership get choppy; the ice cream melts; and the sun burns the crap out of your skin.

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Work in the Mo(u)rning | Part 2

I have mourned my chosen isolation and the necessity to hold my penchant for creative solutions at bay in order to apply some very practical solutions to some very real problems.  I mourn that sometimes, there is no time for creativity.  I mourn the meeting of one, well two:  me and the good Lord.  I mourn a closed door that now opens without someone knocking.  My space, my time alone to think about pedagogy versus andragogy, tests versus essays, a flipped classroom versus traditional lecture.  My best selling collection of essays.  My New York Times best selling novel.  Research in a quiet library, on the fourth floor.  In the stacks.  I mourn the silo. Then, some months later, I woke with the bright Son of the morning beaming down on my face. Here it is.  I am a leader. A pretty darn good one.  God told me that.


Work in the Mo(u)rning | Part 1

The thing about being a faculty member is this:  folks who teach in higher-ed are islands.  We live in silos.  We deal with students.  We do our teaching, and nobody bothers us.  There is no need for real collaboration, teamwork, synergy, socializing, schmoozing, networking, strategizing, or even conversing with other faculty members.  If anything came down the leadership pike that I didn’t like, I griped, grit my teeth, talked about how foolish decisions made at the executive level were, and went back to my comfy office decorated in the colors of Mardi Gras time in New Orleans.  Laissez les bontemps, rouler!  The good times of my full time faculty job continued to roll.

On the other hand, leadership required things of me, things I wasn’t used to doing…

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