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Who Bought You That?

Though I am a strong believer in having a God-given partner, I never want my niece to feel as if she has to wait on others to look nice or even wait to use her career skills to buy great things. I am a beautifully, strong single woman and I want my niece to know she has the intelligence and skill to achieve what she wants, and more importantly, what she needs.  As I wrote in 7 Women 7 Words, it’s important that my niece sees an example of a smart, career woman with the ability to purchase nice clothes and comfortable, dazzling shoes if she wants to.  I want to be that example so she won’t have to look too far to find that example and examine if that’s the type of woman she wants to be. 

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Wedding vs Marriage: The Showdown 5

When you’re preparing for marriage, you are best friends with your spouse. You enjoy spending time with him. You can’t wait for him to come home. You miss him when you’re away from him. You want to spend most of your time with him. There is a deep intimacy between the two of you that is almost quirky. And you can be yourself around him. He accepts you and loves you for who you are.

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