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Category: Her Wisdom

Precious Love

Folks can be kind, as long as they are not pissed off. I can yield to your way, as long as it is not too far from what I am willing to tolerate. This is how love was modeled to me. Therefore, I interrupted God’s love through this tainted lens. I’m grateful to understand that God’s love has girth to it! It has depth, length, and width that wraps around us like a force field against the hurtfulness of this world.

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Y’all Still Out Here Cutting People Outcha Lives?

I need to be transparent right here. When I see these memes about cutting people out of your lives, I always wonder, “What if they are slick talking about me?” (Surely, they couldn’t be, but…what if?). Sometimes… (and I’m a blogger today, not an English teacher). Sometimes… Y’all be the ones that need to get cut off! For real. We be out here doing the most, thinking we on another level and we don’t need lateral moves we need moves that level us up. Like we’re the only prize. Like we’re not in somebody’s lives on the level below. Like we ain’t hurt nobody’s feeling. Like we ain’t constantly out here doing the same sh–, wait… Like we ain’t constantly out here doing the same mess we were doing twenty years ago. Sometimes , we are the problem.

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