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Loc’ed and Loaded

I’m lovin’ my locs y’all! But I wouldn’t be in my current state of glee had I kept considering all the negative possibilities Satan was throwing my way! Once I told him to shut up, twisted my hair up and began my journey, I started to see all my positive consideration come to fruition. Not all overnight. Gradually, as I trusted in the process, my hair began to flourish into what I had envisioned. This happened because I stopped hoping I could and just did it.


My Burden Down

My wretchedness doesn’t make God any less worthy of service and honor. And although my service and actions may seem contradictory, those who view can’t see my heart and my struggle. So, I’ve got to keep serving despite the war that exists between what I would do and what I actually do. Now, I must get myself together, I don’t have a license to be wrong, but I can’t stop serving because of it. Because let’s face it, when was I ever worthy enough or “right” enough to share a written word about the Lord.

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