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Category: The Mirror Series

Y’all Still Out Here Living Your Best Lives?

So, this back and forth. If I don’t feel like going back and forth with some folks, can you even imagine how Sweet Jesus in his therapist glasses feels when He has to deal with my wishy-washy self? It’s a mess I’m sure. To be honest, I waiver when he tells me to do something I don’t want to do. Sometimes I’m all in, other times, I feel like I’m going to miss out on something if I’m looking to the hills. Sometimes I want to do the work of the kingdom at my job, in my church, and then the next moment I get so mad with folks in these spaces that I decide I ain’t doing nothing. I can imagine God just shaking his head at me and my foolishness.



Here’s the thing, sometimes in being salt, we sprinkle too much of ourselves over folks in an effort to make them like us, to make them “taste” like us. I know we mean well when we do this, but this is not a good thing. Think about your own food, you don’t put a whole bunch of salt on squash so it’ll taste like salt. You season squash just a little so it’ll taste more like what it already is, squash. Let people be themselves, and stop using your salt to change their flavor. (OUCH!–I felt that in my belly.)

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