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Persevere… You Belong Here

I reserved the room and closed the meeting door.  It would either be known that something was horribly wrong or assumed I’m avoiding work. 




Logical processes shrink to small. Thoughts of defeat and unworthiness swell my brain. I’m not sure of what hurts me more:

  1. the idea that my self-confidence was pulverized, so now I’m uncertain about my abilities or
  2. that my skills were unfairly crushed and publically questioned AND I had no influencer to tell my story so something could be done about it. 

“Be careful,” I was told, “they talk among each other.  Saying something will not help you.”

Now I sit at this table, alone, with anger I can’t assign and disappointment I can’t shake.  I was just told my work was below par.  I was told no one would care about the project I produced.  I was sunken without knowing it was possible for me to sink.  Then this happened.  I didn’t send a prayer, but apparently, someone was praying for me or simply my Higher Power knew I was in a hole and didn’t have the wherewithal to call.

A friendly co-worker walked in the room.  “What’s wrong?” She asked.  I told her my story, and her response was, “you belong here.” 

Belong here?  What?  “You were not put in this place to not belong.  You are great, and you belong here.”  She turned and left the room before I could fully digest what she gave me.  Okay, I’m supposed to be here.  I belong here.  Now what [insert cuss word]?

In an attempt to shift my dark thoughts, I changed meeting rooms (crazy huh?) and sat down again, this time to process belonging.  I recalled the time a client didn’t want to be coached.  She wanted to learn all about me instead.  I obliged and told her my story from the beginning, from why I was named “Hope” to the moment MS was revealed in my body. I shared all of my successes, including what I learned in business and the people I was able to help win.  I was grateful she wanted to know about me, and I was intrigued by the look in her eyes.  I didn’t know if she wanted to cry tears of joy or let out a squeal because she was overwhelmed by gratitude. 

“Perseverance,” she finally said.

“What?” was all I could gather as a response.

“Perseverance,” she repeated.  “That’s one word I would use to describe you.”

Even though I didn’t ask her for one word to describe me, I believed that woman then, and I should certainly believe her now, I thought.  One word, perseverance.

And the other woman, the woman that disturbed my self-pity with three words, you belong here—I believed her, too.

I have perseverance and I definitely belonged there.  At that point I just had to figure out how to end my story with positive closure.  I persevered with a whole new approach.  After making connections with more people, I gave the leader the work he needed, how he wanted it, before he even realized it was possible.

Perseverance.  I got it.  Even better, you got it too.  Recognize the support you have and keep persevering.  You got this.  You belong right where you are.  Be the Workday Catalyst you are meant to be.

These types of memories during my younger years in the business world is what prompted me to share this particular tip from my book, Workday Catalyst.

You Belong Here.

Ever been in a dream role, but start to believe you don’t belong here?  Stop.  You are there for a reason, and most importantly, you belong there.  Know that you deserve to be in that great place and there is even more for you after that.  Accept the greatness.  Celebrate it!  Grow it!  Show appreciation for it!  It belongs to you.

My first book teaches.  My second (that I co-authored) tells.  My latest, “Workday Catalyst”, supports.  Get it by clicking the image below!  You belong here.

Hope LeNoir

Expert Career Coach

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