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Every now and then, even women of God have to be reminded that their brilliance is one that sits upon hills; that their light can illuminate an entire city.  This book is to remind you of that.  Light UP! is a book that patterns itself after the purpose of this blog.  It is a forty day devotional that culls inspiration from this Who’s That Lady?  It’s main purpose is to add a little light to your day.  Many women enter into dark spaces each day, sometimes the dark spaces are on their career paths, sometimes at home, and sometimes in their own hearts.  Light UP is a gentle reminder that even in dark times, there is a little light inside you that contains the glow of God, and if she holds up that little ember of light, God is sure to ignite it.  Hopefully, after forty days, the glow will come more naturally, and everywhere a woman’s foot fall, she will leave the glow of God behind.  Purchase your print copy of Light UP on Amazon today!

This collection of essays has an immediate connection with the blog as well.  Several of the essayists within are frequent contributors to the WTL community.  As editor-in-chief of the project, I wanted to bring different women from different backgrounds together to share their perspective on the same words, seven words to be exact.  Within this collection, 7 Women 7 Words, you will find narratives that inspire, convict, move, and leave you in awe.  Each woman has had her own set of challenges; however, you can’t tell by looking at them.  Look at them through the letters, the words they unpack by revisiting some of the most vulnerable moments in their lives.  You will surely find yourself in their stories.  You can purchase your Kindle Edition of 7 Women 7 Words, or the print copy on Amazon today!

The Church Chronicles of Iris and Locke has become a cult classic in book clubs and in local churches.  Written by Dr. Cicely Wilson (pen name Hazel Lindey) and DiAnne Malone–that’s me–(pen name Rosee Garfield), The Church Chronicles of Iris and Locke tells rollicking stories of the inhabitants of the fictional town of Sweet Fields, Georgia.  The two published trilogies are comprised of three novellas each, and with each novellas, the characters become more developed and the stories more complex.  While the book has not received very wide prestige, those readers who are part of the Iris and Locke community are diehard.  They have been known to sit in their cars for hours reading about the growing friendship of the germaphobe monied widow Belle Lynne Locke and the socially awkward and beautiful double heiress, Iris Murphy.  Romance is in the air.  Conflict abounds. Foolishness ensues as messy twins, jealous husbands, and smitten drummers people the place of the historical church of Sweet Fields, St. Andrew.  There is not enough space on the page to hold the shenanigans of the series.  You must go on over to Amazon and purchase the Kindle Edition of the Jackie Black Trilogy .  You can also purchase the print copy of The Jackie Black Trilogy and the print copy of The Spring Fever Trilogy from Amazon.