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If you want to get a fresh perspective on what it means to be a woman apart.  You’ve come to the right place.  For years, I’ve sprinkled smatterings of inspiration for your inner-bling around the site, and eventually, I was able to solicit other writers to join the WTL team and inspire you to greatness.

That’s what this blog is about.  It is an attempt to pull back the curtain of God’s purpose for you, moment by moment, and let you see what it really means to be a woman of God.  This blog has never pulled many punches.  From day one, I committed to posting things that were unflinchingly transparent, to the point of self-accusal.  For years, when I ran across some unseemly characteristic I found in myself, I sought God through these personal musings and communicated my findings to you, the readers.

I’ve been absent from the blog a while, but not because the flaws are not there.  I see a new blemish everyday.  But I’ve been doing a lot of growing both in grace (Thank God) and wisdom.  I’ve grown in my profession, in my writing and publications, in my writing voice, in my network of encouragers, in my womanness and convictions, and in my vulnerability to share.  Yes, I’ve shared since then, but just not here.  Time has not permitted me to put my best effort forward in this space.  Time, like it often does, ran away from me, and one of my first loves–this blog, has borne the brunt of that hiatus.

Not to belabor the point; I want to be very clear.  What this blog is about now is what it was about in 2008.  It is about you.  It is about doing all I possibly can to draw you closer to the bosom of God, and to do so without over-spirtualizing, spouting meaningless religiosities, and projecting an unreachable goal of righteousness.  I don’t want to make your walk with God seem hard.  I want it to be simple; as we’ve done enough to make our lives complex.  As I discover more about God through His word and through my relationship with Him, I’ve discovered I have made things harder than they need to be.  It wasn’t intentional; but it was unnecessary, the effort I put into keeping it real.  Realness, honestly, should take very little effort–the effort comes in clearly communicating what is real to someone else; to communicate it well enough that you can trust what I post is real.  Real is still my goal, and I wasn’t interested in coming back to this space, until I could do being real, really well.  That time is now.  Let’s get back to discovering, Who IS That Lady, really.