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Category: Ladies Love Lists

This category contains all the blogs that are written in lists format, because I have surmised that our Who’s That Lady community loves list. Here is a quick way to get right to them.

Ministry in 5 Simple Steps

Laaaawd, we make ministry so hard! It came to me while I was in the shower (I know, To Much Info–but it’s the truth). Ministry ain’t gotta be all that we make it. It doesn’t have to have a president, director, treasurer and such. Too. Much. Ministry just has to have you, and it doesn’t even have to have you with a Bible in your hand! Ministry doesn’t require you to quote a scripture, say hallelujah, speak in an unknown tongue, and cut a step all in the time span of 3 seconds.

No! Stop it! Ministry is simple; I mean, if we do it like Jesus, it’s simple.


The 7 DONT’s of Church Leadership

We say it all the time, that it doesn’t matter what other people think, just as long as we do what God says. It sounds good in theory, but it is not completely or necessarily biblical. Okay. Well. Before you send me to hell, read on. Luke 2:52 says that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and found favor with both God and man, so that high horse you’re riding on that says because you’re the leader, you can do whatever you want to do and folks are just gonna have to deal with it–that dog don’t hunt when it comes to kingdom work.