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Month: January 2012

The Audacity

What I realized is that I was “interested in pursuing” this position and that the results of the position being filled had nothing to do with my boss. What I initially failed to realize is that I was not “actively pursuing” this position. Actually, I didn’t even apply for the position. The only action I did take was to send my boss an email stating I was aware the position was open and that I am interested. I further explained in that same email that I
would soon be out on leave, but wanted the decision maker to know I was interested anyway. After that, I made the assumption that the result would be left in my boss’s capable hands.

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Who You Callin’ a B****?!

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that maturity in this arena gives me license to run around acting a fool. I understand, rather, that what people feel, think, voice about me may have very little to do with me. There are so many other factors involved. There is always a context, something surrounding and grounding a person’s thoughts. There is always mood and experience: that is whoever is formulating these opinions may have had a very bad day and an even worse night. Factors like this shape responses and being cognizant of that helps me to shake a lot of stuff off without even an eyebrow raise.


Do I Really Have to Talk to Him?

Three years ago, all I could think is, I took this test once already and I don’t want to take it again. Not only did I dread taking the test again, I was embarrassed that I failed the test the first time. Nonetheless, I had to take the test again and pass it this time in order to remain in my current position at my company. At this point, I only had 30 days to make the grade.

Obviously, I didn’t initially have the tools I needed to pass the test. After a little bit of crying and a lot of thought, I knew who did have the tools to help me win. He was the smart man, with a clean look, a stable salary, a BMW and a 401K, but that shouldn’t matter. Should it? It did because this was the same man who grabbed me by my shoulders, looked me in the eyes and said slowly, “Lady, I am trying to get with you. I. Am. Trying. To get with you.” (Yeah, you guessed it. I’m not the type of woman who picks up on flirtations very easy.) “Yeah,” I said, “I don’t think that will work out.” I know that had to hurt him, but that wasn’t where my mind was during that time. Either way, regardless of the past, this is a smart man, and, well, he was the source. I had to ask him for help.

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