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Category: Ladies Love Lists

This category contains all the blogs that are written in lists format, because I have surmised that our Who’s That Lady community loves list. Here is a quick way to get right to them.

5 Things to Expect When You Say, I’m Gonna to Do Better

Here’s the thing. As soon as you say in your heart that you’re going to change the way you approach and view and respond to certain triggers, you will be challenged with those triggers (on a whole ‘notha level), with great fervor (as my sister would say), just to see if you are serious about your claim. Yep, God got jokes. He wants you to see how committed you are. I am in the midst of that challenge now. I don’t want to be the biggest loser on it. I don’t want to have this test too many more times. I really need to redecorate my heart space so that God can refurnish me for future tasks. I have gotta do better. To this end, I complied a list of things to expect once you decide you’re going to do better.


5 Things Jesus Did That We Don’t Really Talk About Enough

Almost every other meme on Facebook sites how we should cut people off who hold us back, or how we should reevaluate our inner-circle and get rid of the riff-raff who mean to harm us. Jesus wouldn’t have obeyed those memes. Judas was deep in the cut with the disciples, running game the entire time. When the time came for Judas to complete his part of the puzzle, Jesus didn’t necessarily cut Judas off. He basically said, do what you gotta do. That was it. No drama. I’m not sure if I would’ve had been so cool.