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This category contains all the blogs that are written in lists format, because I have surmised that our Who’s That Lady community loves list. Here is a quick way to get right to them.


Here’s the thing, sometimes in being salt, we sprinkle too much of ourselves over folks in an effort to make them like us, to make them “taste” like us. I know we mean well when we do this, but this is not a good thing. Think about your own food, you don’t put a whole bunch of salt on squash so it’ll taste like salt. You season squash just a little so it’ll taste more like what it already is, squash. Let people be themselves, and stop using your salt to change their flavor. (OUCH!–I felt that in my belly.)

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The Forgiveness Detox (a short but detailed list)

The forgiveness detox will continuously push the poop out of you until you’re fully clean. I needn’t get graphic here; however, I have to say, when you start forgiving, God will bring to your remembrance some stuff you’d forgotten about completely–old wounds and injuries, scars and even keloids. You begin to feel and the stuff you’ve carried for years, even stuff you’ve forgotten you carried, moving its way through your spirit. When I do my detox through juicing, I make sure that I’m always near a bathroom. Likewise, stay close to God as you go through your forgiveness detox. He can sooth your heart as it empties itself of all the spiritual excrement of unforgiveness. Trust me, those moments will keep coming and you will keep emptying yourself of the unhealthy grudges that have slowed down your walk and drained you of your energy. You’ll look back and see some unsightly, smelly, pieces of toxic burdens you’ve carried, but once they are released you will feel better.