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Remember these?

Submission Guidelines

Who’s That Lady is always looking for words that would polish up the rough edges of the souls of women.  If you’ve decided to offer up an  inspirational piece, well…that make’s Who’s That Lady very happy.  Who’s That Lady seeks to be a ministry of exhortation, encouragement, spiritual improvement, and wisdom to Christian Women across the country.


To fulfill this mission, Who’s That Lady seeks writers from diverse backgrounds who think creatively and seek God first and deeply.  The primary target for this blog is women who desire to let their souls glow, those women who are open to receiving words that would get their inner sparkle shining again.

Though we do realize that a well kept body is important, we also ascribe to the fact that the most important part of a woman’s life is bringing glory to God through a lifestyle that exemplifies His work in our lives.  Who’s That Lady believes that every stiletto print, every spiritual breath, every footfall should leave behind the essence of God’s glory in the life of that particular woman.

Sample Writings

Who’s That Lady encourages you to share pieces that exemplify this idea.  Click on the links below for a glimpse of some articles that do just that.

I Hope You Dance

The Remaking of Me

Renew Your Mind

Supernatural Love

Watch This


Your delivery and message is not limited.  Feel free to share experiences through your own unique style and voice:  stories of overcoming, stories of healing, stories of miracles and encounters with memorable situations.  In all of these forms, be sure that God is acknowledged and that your private encounter can make a public impression on the readers of the blog.

Evidence of biblical knowledge should be displayed in your writing, not necessarily blatantly with direct quotes, footnotes, and asides but with seamless transitions from your own words to the words of the Lord.  We are always ready to receive testimonials that give a creative slant on stories about biblical women with modern applications.

Personal Stories

Should you decide to focus on personal issues be advised that these articles may focus on a woman’s personal experience with any issue.  Possible topics may be marriage, friendships, single life, child rearing, divorce, abuse, health, sexuality careers and other issues that affect Christian women.

The Bling Moment

In all of the submission there should be a focus on solutions with a positive slant.  Reveal the glory story.  Illuminate the bling moment, the epiphany reached after searching the scriptures or seeking God diligently.

Manuscript Length

Most of the articles written for the blog are around 500 words; however, articles that extend to 1000 words are acceptable.

Writing Tips

  • For the best readable piece pretend you’re talking to friends over coffee (or tea).  Keep your writing personal and conversational.
  • Get to the point.  Make sure your beginning is solid; hook your audience into your writing, fast!
  • Use action verbs.  Your readers want to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell your experience.  Don’t be passive.  Let us walk with you on your journey.
  • Don’t depend on cliches.  They are soooo overrated.  Be creative with your words.  Throw together your own “wordisms.”
  • Truth is always stranger/better than fiction.  Don’t tell us anything that’s not true.
  • Be sure to protect the integrity of others who may be a part of your story, but are not ready to be introduced to the world wide web.  Consider your participants before you put them on blast!

Final Words

Ideally, Who’s That Lady would love to accept any and every submission to the blog.  It just doesn’t work that way.  The editors here are always available via email to help you edit your work; however, sometimes its necessary to go all the way back to the drawing board, start over, and submit again.  Once your manuscript is read, you can expect to hear back from the editorial staff within one week.  Your answer will be one of three.

  1. Accept with minimal edits
  2. Accept with major revision and edits
  3. Accept our rejection of your work with an encouraging note to try again, perhaps with a few written tips on how to proceed with your next submission.

Get it to Me!

So, what are you waiting for?  Get to drafting. writing. typing. revising. editing. submitting.  The staff is waiting with bated breath for your bling story.  Send your manuscript as a Word Document to:


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