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Manly Things

Henry Lee Battle Print
Henry Lee Battle Print

The purpose of this page is to share a new idea. I’ve decided to devote all of the blog entries for the month of November to men of God. Who’s THAT Man?

Since I’ve announced on the blog that November would be “Who’s That Man“ month, I’d like some men of God to submit their meditations to the blog as the women who read the blog pay homage and respect to those brothers who are really in the God thing to bring Him glory.

I solicit some of your great minds to perhaps submit. Don’t be scared now. This blog does not and never will endeavor to bash men. It is all God-centered, positive, and uplifting. Therefore, my desire is that the posts exhibit this same sentiment.

If you are even slightly interested, check out the writer’s guidelines for the blog. Of course there is no pay, I mean not from me directly. It’s just a little acre of the blogosphere where you can sow a seed of ministry. So check out the Guidelines to get a feel of the voice and tenor of the blog.

Lastly, just take a glance at some of the entries. They range from personal to public affirmation of God’s goodness. Subject matter is always open, and I’m always looking for a unique writing voice that sings, one that jumps off the page right into a reader’s living room.

Should you need to contact me, just shoot an email to I’ll be really excited to hear from you and answer all of your questions. Otherwise submit your manuscripts to


DiAnne Malone

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