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Don’t judge me.

I know it’s been a minute.  So just go ahead and forgive me, and let’s start from scratch.

Welcome (Back) to Who’s That Lady, the blog for a woman’s inner bling.

Hopefully, you’ve received an email telling you that I’m in the building, clacking away on my computer, trying to get some fresh posts in your eye-gates for the remainder of 2018.

So, to what am I welcoming you, if you’ve been here all along?  Well, I’m welcoming you back to a site with a new look, new posts, and perhaps…just perhaps, a few new bloggers.  I’ve been checking for bloggers about a year, while at the same time, I’ve put my Senior Blolleagues on notice that they need to get their post-weight up for the remainder of this year.  Yes, I think they’re ready.

Welcome Back, Lovelies.  I hope that what you read hear doesn’t disappoint, and I also hope that you will leave a comment on the posts you love and some commentary on the ones you don’t.  I’m here for it; I want it all.  Let’s get it popping.

Rolling Up My Sleeves,


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