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Contributor Bios:

DiAnne:  blog administrator and editor, speaker, professor, writer, trekky.  My whole purpose in life it seems is to stretch a metaphor until it screams.  That’s how I write my blogs, and I am about 95% you’re gonna love it (and if you don’t, you have free reign to tell me about it in a comment).  Nevertheless, a bio is to be written in third person so here it goes.  DiAnne Malone is the creator of the blogging ministry known as “Who’s That Lady?”  She writes most of the posts for the main blog section of Who’s That Lady and also has begun a mini-blog “Forty, Fabulous and Fro-ed.”  She would love to have this venue extend to conferences, cruises and wild parties and invites you to come along on the journey.  She is a published author with creative nonfiction that may be found in lesser known literary journals–but found nontheless.  Her credentials are decent enough, but nothing to boast about:  A few degrees (even a terminal one!), a few children, one husband and a book of essays never been published comprise her list of personal and intellectual accomplishments.  She along with her “blolleagues” have made a commitment to keep the blogs coming all the year long.  She hopes you enjoy them.  She hopes you pass them on to your friends and enemies and combinations of the two.  She also hopes you get comfortable enough to comment on those blogs that prick you spirit.  There’s more to say but space here is limited and you just must meet the other contributors…

Hope:  blog manager, life coach and cheerleader, horror film watcher, career enthusiast and sister extraordinaire to blog administrator.  This professional enigma believes that the world hungers for fresh change and that there are clear directions to “freshness and change.”  Her passion is to help those thirsty to grow and thrive professionally, personally and spiritually.  Her passion aligns perfectly with her spiritual gift of prophecy (the gift of good news and instruction).  Further her passion also aligns perfectly with her name Hope, which means to expect with confidence.  Therefore, Hope really does spring eternal in her life.  She is a brokerage manager at an investment company and the owner of Rise and Fly–the name of her company of course speaks for itself (click the link).  A woman of degrees from prestigious institutions, BA Dillard University and MA Penn State, Hope is not a slacker.  She’s always on the move, mind body and spirit.    All of these things work together for the good of this blog which is a service to you from God.  Read her special column Balance to get some insight on how to juggle life and Lord.

Isaac:  preacher, father, husband, domino player, spiritual gifts expert (when the mood hits).  No, his wife did not make him do this.  Okay, yes she did.  Reverend Isaac Malone has been called by some “the weeping prophet,” but there is not much weeping going on when he is pontificating on roles and relationships concerning marriage.  With a gentle but matter of fact voice, he shares insight on “Who’s That Man” that may make some of the ladies cringe.  Yep, the truth hurts and count on Rev. Malone to tell it.  His talents, expertise, careers and training run the gamut of architecture, banking, managing, preaching and teaching.  He is married to DiAnne (up top) and together they have three children with three very distinct personalities.  Catch him on the blog in the Who’s That Man section.  Be sure to comment when you feel like he’s on point or even when the heat seems a little too hot for you.

Demetria:  party planner, cheerleader, momma/mentor, dream follower, faith walker, owner/operator:  Dainty’s.  The little light in this contributor’s eyes are the same lights that were there as she watched generations of women plan extra elegant and beautiful special events on a dime.  Yes it can be done and Demetria is the one to do it.  From brunch to batmitzvahs, Dainty does it with exceptional taste and extraordinary uniqueness.  Thankfully, this lovely lady skilled in the art of event planning has graciously agreed to jazz up this space in the blogosphere with some points of interest for those women of discriminating taste via Dainty Things.  Blending prettiness and organization comes natural for her, and so she has pulled together capable bodies to provide one stop shopping for any event you can dream up.  If you need more extensive consultation, feel free to email her at:

Ida:  sweet sweet spirit, kindle fire fan, bootleg movie critic, advisor, Sunday School teacher.  You will find Ida’s bio most modest, but don’t let the modesty fool you.  Ida is the kinda girl who will keep you laughing.  In keeping with her modesty, her bio is as follows:  Ida Gaines has a M.A. in English from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She currently works an Academic Advisor for the same institution.  She is a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church where she serves as an usher and Sunday School teacher. She enjoys ushering, watching movies, and spending time with the people she loves.  Ida is the contributing writer for WTL’s newest column “Heading North,” with focused writings on transition, change and moving forward in life.  Enjoy her offerings, comment and pass it on.

Kathryn Poet, eye-shadow fiend, spoiled God-mother, graduate student, speaker, trend-setter, Idris Elba’s future wife:  Riddle me this?  Ever encountered a dame fresher than morning mouthfuls of old school Listerine – no water added?  Then Kathryn Bailey comes as no stranger! This chick took it for-true when God described the way he put her together as “frightening” (Psalm 139:14).  Her writings are mini-campaigns rallies cheering readers to tuck this biblical truth in their hearts.  Holding it down on the peachy streets of Atlanta, Georgia, Kathryn is an honor-roll graduate student at Mercer University working towards a Masters in the Art of Teaching with sights on snatching a Masters of Fine Arts as well.  Besides pounding the books, she zealously serves the Drama Ministry at New Mercies Christian Church as administrator, writer and actress.  Believing all Christians are born for a divine purpose to positively impact their generation for Jesus, her writings personify the reoccurring mantra woven throughout the film The Help that reminds, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important!”





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