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Triple F~

Last year on July 22, 2011, I turned 40.  I can’t even tell you how excited I was.  I decided to celebrate with seven of my really close friends (2 of them had to celebrate with me over the phone) in a hotel room downtown close to Beale Street.  I just wanted to have some strong towers of femininity around me to be honest about what to expect, how to think, what to do as a woman turning over the fall leaf of forty.  After all  I didn’t feel like all was lost.  I didn’t feel over the hill.  As a matter of fact other than a bad right knee, I didn’t feel a day over 30.  Weird.

But there were other things I did feel and I felt them about two years before I hit 40.  Anticipation.  Excitement. Independence.  Resolve.  Confidence.  And at times a little foolish about some past decision.  My sister, Hope, told me I should blog about this journey, chronicle my first year in my forties.  Unfortunately I procrastinated.  That’s one thing I didn’t stop doing at 40.

Still, there is no time like the present to begin a thing undone.  And here I am.  I reserved a portion of Who’s That Lady for the forty year old fabulous sisters in the blogosphere.  And of course, there has to be something for the fro sprinkled in here and there.  Stay tuned every friday for a fro-ed out forty blog post.

So starting on the first friday of 2012 look for a post on my thoughts on forty.  My thoughts from the fro.  My thoughts on how to feel fabulous while you’re bustin’ forty wide open.  If you have friends in their forties, past the blog on for them to peruse and comment.  If you have friends with fros, send them a shout out and send them this way.  And of course, if you have friends who are fabulous, send them to Triple F:  Forty, Fabulous and Froed where 40 is the new 30 and 30 may still be too old.

Moving Fro-ward,

D. Malone


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