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Dainty Things

from the "High Heel Obsession" Collection by inna panasenkofor the lady with exquisitely delicate and discriminating taste…

One true mark of a Who’s That Lady other than her divine calling is her daintiness.  It’s about time that WTL devoted some time to what makes a Who’s that Lady, not just beautiful inside, but fabulously well put together on the outside, for any event and even in her own home.

Proverbs 31 clearly states that the virtuous woman was always dressed well, her home was inviting and she was the consummate hostess.  For us ladies, this is no exception.

Who’s That Lady would like to introduce to you the newest addition to the WTL blogging family, “Dainty Things,” a culled in corner of the blog designed to give just a little bit of fashion and festivity to those ladies who not only like to dress it up but also love to live it up by entertaining others.  Who better to host such a column than party planner and fashionista extraordinaire, Demetria Adair.  You will find her bio in the contributors section of the navigation page.

Check in with us about two or three times a month to discover what’s new in fashion for those with discriminating taste.  Get tips on how to make your next birthday bash an out of the box success.  Get some redecorating ideas for that spring cleaning binge you’ve been on for the past few weeks.  And most importantly if you have a project bigger than you can handle get up close and personal advising from the owner/operator of Dainty’s, Demetria Adair.

Read the post, comment and share ideas of your own right here with Dainty Things: posts for ladies of delicate and discriminating tastes.

Photo Credit:  Though I would love to, I cannot take credit for the exquisite work of art posted here.  It is from the “High Heel Obsession” collection by artist, Inna Panasenko.  Google her, she has more beautiful artistically rendered irresistable shoes.

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