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All for You…

"Sweethearts" by artist Frank Morrison
"Sweethearts" by artist Frank Morrison

God loves His men.  So much so that God prepared a beautiful garden for man before he was even created.  So much that He “fashioned” a woman specifically for man.  So much so that God compares the sanctity of marriage to Jesus Christ (man) and the church (woman).  That’s a lot of love.  I want to take a look at all God has done for man (and yes, I mean the male gender) and offer that you reflect on how we all manage what God has done for us.

I often think about the garden of Eden and how wonderfully it was created.  All before man was even breathed into, God had a plan to have everything ready for Him.  Does this still apply to the men of God in this day and age?  Because God is One who changes not, I’d venture to say, its still the same.  Its a extraordinary thought that God gave man everything he needed even before he was created.  He wanted everything to be in place.  And yet, our men of God hesitate on reaching their full potential because they believe they are ill-equipped.  I’m here to encourage men to know and believe that God equips us all  even before we are formed in the womb of our mothers.  Men of God, when you second guess yourself in these areas, think about Adam and the bed of roses prepared and laid out for him even before he received the first breath from the Lord.  Stop making those “As soon as I get my ______” excuses. Or “When I get the hook-up on ____________”  Talk to the Lord about the garden of Eden He’s prepared for you, and work your garden.

With that said, I must talk about this exquisite being called woman that God fashioned just for you.  I’m not sure if men think of women in this way, as a designer model, a tailor made being molded and created to fit man.  What does that mean? Well, it means, brothers, that the women of God you see doing their God-Thang are either fashioned or in process of being fashioned to meet you where you need it.  If you think of women in this way, perhaps your response to them will be different, perhaps a spirit of understanding will penetrate your heart as you see a woman of God developing into a precious gift hand-crafted to meet you just where you need it.

And men, it seems you may not have much say-so in the woman fashioned for you, after all while God molded Eve into her exquisite design using your rib to solidify the mold, Adam was asleep.  So men of God, you may think you know EXACTLY what you need, but God knows even better; and just as Adam so eagerly accepted his gift, so should you accept and value the one that has been, or may be given to you.  It was tailor made just like those 1000-2000 dollar suits you wear.  Just like those Italian leather shoes intricately sculpted to fit your bronzed feet.  God took His time to mold just what you need to fill in those small gaps or gaping holes in your personality, character, or spiritual walk; to help you determine what is needed in those indeterminate moments.

I remember discussing in my marriage group that a marriage may be the only model that people may see of Jesus’ love for the church.  As soon as that settled on me, I was overwhelmed by the many layers of meaning this metaphor has.  God trusts His men with the delicate women that He created for them.  He trusts them enough to provide for, teach, encourage, and lead them just as Jesus does for His church.  If God trusts His men that much, men must really be something special.  The women in your lives, Men of God, are placed with you because God trusts you with your wife, your daughter, your niece, your mother, your sister.  How do you live up to the trust God places in you?  Ephesians 6 states that Jesus gave His very life for the church?  How do you weigh on this, knowing that your life is really not your own, but could feasibly be made ransom for the “church” in your life.

Now all of this may sound presumptuous coming from a woman, nevertheless it did my heart good to be referred to a young man on Facebook who has made it his business to minister to men about how they should treat their women.  I wasn’t too far off on my assessment.  But I must admit, with all the bad press men get from women, it is hard to say with confidence that these words of mine will be well received.  So if you need another perspective check out Maurice Farmer Jr’s series Loving a Woman on Facebook.  The young brother has a lot to say about this subject.  And as you read and see fit, pass the blog on to men of God who really need to know that God does such wonderful things just for them.

And let the church say “Ah-Men”


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  1. “Ah-men”. Wonderfulness, just wonderfulness. God has truly blessed men to be something magnificient. I challenge women to be the helpmate God has called us to be. We need to make sure we are encouraging our men, edifying them, and supporting them. They need that and just as we are God’s gift to them, they are our gift from God; and we need to treasure that gift.

    “Ah-men”. And I thank God for my gift. 🙂

  2. Tammye Butler Tammye Butler

    “Ah-Men”! Ah – yes, indeed Ah-Men. Fashioned is the word that stuck in my mind, in my spirit. W-O-M-A-N, fashioned by God himself, uniquely designed, carefully constructed for the man he made NOT to be alone; for as He said in Genesis 2:18 it just wasn’t a good thang for man to be in such a state of existence. We, the gift, formed from the rib that strengthens the cage that encases the heart and protects it. We stand in awe of your presence and celebrate God design in his creation; you.


    “Ah-Men”!Ah-Wow, men are joy of our lives. I think of men as our provider, and our protector. I thank God for our men everyday. Men loves it when you let them be in charge. Believe it or not ladies, men won’t let no one say anything negative about in public. Thank God for our unique men.

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