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She Rested

You’re on the precipice of the weekend, and aren’t you just ecstatic about it?! I’m sure you’ve booked and over-booked yourself for all kinds of fun and exciting events. You want to catch up on your grocery shopping, you want to catch that sale at Macy’s, cook a hot meal for once, finish that book you’ve always wanted to start reading. You said that you were going to start walking, this very weekend. So much to do, so little time.

Have you written rejuvenation into your schedule?

Even God rested, ladies. Jesus rested, too. What makes you think that you shouldn’t? The weekend is the time you take to rejuvenate your body, bring everything down, relax, cool-out, woooosaaaa. But what do we do, we pack our free time with all the things we didn’t get to do during the week. Your body is a temple of God. Do you know how important the temple was in biblical times? First it was carefully, beautifully, and wonderfully made, just like you. Second, it was set apart for a purpose, for worship and praise of God. Third, it was meticulously maintained. Do you deserve any less than that? Of course not.

When we talk about stewardship we always think of money or other material things, but you are a steward of your body. God gave you that body, and really, do you think he wants you to treat it any kinda way? You should take care of yourself so that you will be physically prepared to do the work that God put you on this earth to do. If your mind is cluttered and over-booked with other things, what God ends up with is your tired and worn out leftovers. Would you want that from your significant other? I think not. I want the rejuvenated, refreshed, and overjoyed part of the people I love and they want the same from me.

So what am I saying, Who’s That Lady? Sit down somewhere, get some rest, so you can be ready to do all the wonderfully purposed things God has for you to do. So you can smile a sparkling smile and laugh a tinkling laugh that is rested and uninhibited by fatigue and stress. So your body can replenish itself, your blood pressure can lower itself, your skin can clear itself, your digestive system can clean itself.

In your journey toward becoming, beloved, know that the temple God gave you was crafted ever-so-carefully and with so much love. Respect what God has given you in the form of your body; give it the rest it needs so you will be good for something great in your purposed journey.

In the comment section, talk about how important it is that YOU rest for YOUR purpose. How will you rest? And in what way will that rest allow you to be your best you for Christ?

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