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In the beginning, there was a Who’s That Lady?

Eve is, in my mind, the first Who’s that Lady, and I’ll tell you why.

When God said that it was not good for man to be by himself in the Garden he designed the perfect companion for him. He made woman.

Eve was fashioned after God had already prepped the garden with birds and butterflies, horses and hawks, roses and rhodendrums, lilies and lizards. She was created only after God put the relaxing scent in lavender, the calm in chamomile, and crisp sweet bite in the apple. The garden was a continuous canvas of color and sparkles, smells and sounds.

When Eve woke up there was a sensory overload involving an idyllic and pastoral scene, calm and peaceful without a vine out of place. The beauty of the garden was indescribable. I believe this is why women are naturally drawn to accoutrements, accents, and adornments; beautiful things are what woman saw first.

And then, when Adam saw Eve I am sure he was absolutely blown away by the glory that God presented to Him in the form of a woman. I imagine Adam sucking in his breath, opening his mouth in awe, and crying, “Who’s that?” when he saw her standing queenly and perfected before him. Hence, this is why I assert that Eve was the first Who’s that Lady.

Before I move further, let me say this, you needn’t have an Adam to experience the essence of a Who’s That Lady Quality. God created Eve and breathed into her His glory. Adam couldn’t do that if he mustered up all of the breath in his body. Women, don’t expect men of today to do it either. Moreover, don’t think you must have a man to reflect God’s glory. Yes, the rib came from Adam, but the glory came from the Lord. As women of God, we should strive to posses that same glory and let it !bling! within us. People should see women of God and gasp in wonderment, “Oh my goodness! Who’s that lady?” Wouldn’t it be absolutely delicious for God’s glory to have such a profound effect on you and those around you?

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