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Y’all Still Out Here Living Your Best Lives?

I want every person under the sound of my fingers on this keyboard to live his/her best life, I really do.  That song rings in my ear whenever I find myself having the best time ever; when I find myself forgetting all of my troubles; when I’m laughing so loud I can’t hear anything else; when I’m so caught up in doing what I’m doing that I don’t know what’s happening right outside of my front door. 

There’s something to consider with this, though.  That second phrase, “I ain’t going back and forth with you n-.”  (Y’all know what it is.)

Stay with me.  Trust me.  I get it, I ain’t tryna go back and forth with folk either.  But I also know this, there is one who puts up with me going back and forth all the time.  And when I thought about that, somehow, living my best life became a point of conviction.

I know.  You ain’t Jesus. 

I’m not asking you to be. If you’ve read the blog long enough, you know it is my way to take some of these common phraseologies and turn them about to get you to a different point of view.

So, this back and forth.  If I don’t feel like going back and forth with some folks, can you even imagine how Sweet Jesus in his therapist glasses feels when He has to deal with my wishy-washy self?  It’s a mess I’m sure.  To be honest, I waiver when he tells me to do something I don’t want to do.  Sometimes I’m all in, other times, I feel like I’m going to miss out on something if I’m looking to the hills.  Sometimes I want to do the work of the kingdom at my job, in my church, and then the next moment I get so mad with folks in these spaces that I decide I ain’t doing nothing.  I can imagine God just shaking his head at me and my foolishness.

This is why I can’t let this blog end with me telling you to go back and forth with folks.  I am not in the business of telling you what I am not willing to do.  I will say this:  Stop making the Lord go back and forth with you if you’re not willing to go back and forth with your brothers and sisters out here in these Believing streets.  That’s not really living your best life.

Matter of fact, you really ain’t living your best life if God is still going back and forth with you over the same old mess.  What you’re really doing is living your cyclical life, or your rocking chair life, going back and forth over the same mishaps, conflicts, confusions, and mistakes ovah, and ovah, and ovah again.

What I’m saying is this, sis (or bruh), before you holla out that phrase or post on Facebook or hashtag #livingmybestlife, be certain, Believer, that God ain’t looking at your reruns.  Be really sure that you’re giving over some of your repeated unsavory behaviors for deliverance so that you can fill that space with some of the best living you can fathom, and that is living your life within the perfect will God has designed for you.

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