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7 Reasons Why You Got So Much Going On

You know what? I can get with the going on plan. It’s one that I have stock in, because I too, on many occasions, as a matter of fact right now today, I have so much going on. When I was thinking about what to share with you today, my mind fell on the phrase, and I had to do the unthinkable. I had to ask myself why? I came up with a list that may help us all with our “Goings On.” I hope it blesses you.

    That’s right, you like it. Some people like having a million and one things happening in their lives at once. And listen, if this is you, there’s nothing wrong with it. But, before you complain about having all this stuff going on, be honest with yourself. You like it, don’t you? You love excitement. You want the thrill you feel when you’re involved with many groups of people doing many types of things. You’re probably an extrovert. You probably would fall off the face of the earth if you didn’t have all this stuff to do. Since you know now what the issue really is, stop complaining about having so much going on. You honestly like it this way. Own your stuff and make the best of it.
    Yes, you do. When it gets too quiet, you get nervous. You feel as if there is a sinister plot to keep you out of the know. So, you decide to go invite that extra teaspoon of drama in your life. It makes you feel relevant and alive because you need that type of company. There is a perversion to this one, though. You keep on inviting all this going on in your life, and you will most certainly invite trouble, then whatcha gonna do?
    I don’t know how many self-help books a person needs to read to learn how to say no. There are only two letters in that word, but why, oh why, is it so hard for us to say the word no? When you say yes to EVERYTHING, you will definitely be victim to having “so much going on.” And when you get overwhelmed, sis (or bruh), you have no one to blame but yourself. Listen, your no can be your sanity-saver. When folks ask you to do something, say something, participate in something, keep something, plan something, this is how you should answer: “Can you give me 24 hours to think about it?” If there is not time to think about it, that’s an automatic, “No. You’ll have to find someone else to help you.” During your 24 hours, bring it to God to see if he wants you to fill your already vapor-of-time with it. Then, my dears, govern yourselves accordingly.
    This is easy. Cause folks have been procrastinating since… I don’t know, forever. Putting off everything makes you have to do everything… at the same time. Gone get your list pared down and stop waiting until the last minute.
    Sometimes folks actually believe that no one in God’s vast universe can do a job as well as they can. So, they do all the tasks all by themselves. Not a great idea. We need to learn how to delegate stuff, people! Even at home, delegation is a must. Every day after school, I used to set the timer for 20 minutes, then 20 more minutes. The first 20 minutes were to let the kids decompress after school. The second 20 minutes were for them to clean as fast and as furiously as they could. That way, I wouldn’t have as much to clean by the time weekend came. Listen, you don’t have the monopoly on doing things well, and I know what you’re saying, “I’d rather do things myself, because I know how I want things done.” Keep on doing things yourself then. Wear yourself out with all the stuff you got going on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
    There have been many moments in my life where I made promises to produce several different things at different times. Then, I look up and realize each of those commitments falls on the same day, the same week, the same month and/or at the same time! Ack! Now, I have a calendar. If I open that calendar and find that a day or month is packed with commitments, I refer to number 3. I just say no. Try it. It works.
    I know every one of you reading this thinks you carry all of your burdens to the Lord and leave them there. Maybe you do, but do you listen…though? I still vomit out all of my worries to God in the morning and neglect to listen to his advisement for the rest of my day. From that point on, it’s downhill friends. Everything is a mish-mash of “thrown together,” “rushed along,” “fall into,” type situations. If you pray, pray about all the stuff you have going on, and then, let God order your steps, good woman. I promise the “so much you have going, won’t be so much going on.”

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Working My Life Out,

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  1. Cicely Tenneille Wilson Cicely Tenneille Wilson

    I always think I can handle it all until I’m in the thick of it. I have realized I’m too old to burn the candle at both ends. I’m entering the season of “no” and I don’t have to explain.


    Thank you for the seven steps. It’s okay to say give me 24 hours or just say no. i am so thankful for the blog when I get a chance to read it; because sometimes you speak with GOD in your quiet time and I believe I am doing the right thing. all of a sudden The spirit leads me to read the blog and that’s my confirmation on what was given to me. Thank you for sharing Nuggets.


    Good stuff! When we realize that busyness doesn’t equate to effectiveness it becomes easy to say NO!

    Thanks for sharing Lady Di!

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