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Are you ready?

Yeah You Are

So many times I’ve told professionals to just go for it.  What do you have to lose?  If they come up with something they felt they would lose, of course I follow up with:

“Does that really matter?” 

“Is that really important to you?  Why?” 

“Is that even likely to happen?” 

When they go for it and see the beauty in taking the chance, they realize it was all worth it.  Don’t get me twisted, there are some super important responses that make me pause.  I get it.  BUT many responses are more like “I really want those blue shoes instead,” or “I don’t know why I won’t go for it,” or some made up on the spot response. In those situations, I remind my clients of their value and support their efforts to take the “risk” and get what they deserve.

The thing is, coaches sometimes don’t take their own advice.  I was one of them.  Was.

I remember years ago I wanted an ideal corporate role.  I loved the place.  I loved the people.  I loved the responsibilities, and boy did I love the benefits.  After applying for the role, they sent me a questionnaire.  One of the questions asked how much money I want.


I want a lot.  I deserve a lot. Right?  Wait.  If I go too high, they may not even interview me.  If I go too low, I may be doing myself a disservice.  If I go in the middle, I’ll always look back and wonder what if.  It was at that moment I had to step back and really examine myself as my own client. 

I deserve a lot, because my value is tremendous.  I took the time to write down all the skills I bring to this position.  I also wrote down all the skills I would learn and use to make the role phenomenal.  I looked at the list.  Humph.  I’m really dope (just wanted to use that word).  J  Then I looked at the business and judged how profitable they were in their industry.  I examined their people and their turnover rate.  I spied on where the business wanted to go.  They’re pretty good.  Summary, my value is high, and the business is super healthy.  I should definitely give myself credit and ask for what I deserve knowing I would help a very fit business go even further. 

Then despair creeps up again. 

What if I really don’t know everything they need.  Self, you’ll learn. 

What if they don’t even interview me?  Their loss.  Life won’t end. 

I didn’t go low; that’s not who I am.  I didn’t go middle; no looking back to What If Street.

I went high, and they gave me all that I asked for and more.  The role was indeed great, one of the best places I was able to use my skills every day.  Of course, it came with highs and lows, but I’ll never take that experience back.

So, I say to you, yes, you’re ready and you’re worth it.  Research the details.  Go for the role you never had before.  Go for the salary you’ve always wanted.  Believe you deserve it, because you do.  Last, but not least, be okay with whatever happens on the next page of your story.


Hope LeNoir, Expert Career Coach and Inspirational Speaker

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  1. Demetria Bowers Adair Demetria Bowers Adair

    Great article Hopee!

    All of this speaks to me at this very moment in my life.

    Rising and flying…expecting the best…I deserve the best…because I’m worth it.

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