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The God Files: Case Number 435

Missing a few months payment doesn’t warrant a garnishment…does it?  I mean, I was paying the $25 monthly installments..sometimes. And still, they tried me.  No warnings.  No courtesy call.  No certified letter.   These jokers placed a lock on my bank account in hopes to snatch my coins without notice.   Good thing I switched financial institutions, so they didn’t get a dime.  I called immediately to set up another payment plan.

“Ms. Bailey, you must pay at least $100 a month now, not $25 for a payment plan.” 

What?  From $25 to $100 a month!  Where they do that at?  Not here!  Creditors were not compromising with their new payment demands, so I made a decision.  I’m not paying!  Why should I?  The bill is at least 16 years old!  It is not on my credit report.  I’m winning!  Bump them.  

          Then…they bumped me.

         Seven months after the initial garnish attempt, the creditor successfully gained legal access to my paycheck!  $435 a month was removed until the $1,800 debt was satisfied confirmed by a court order. 

         Let me make it plain.  I’m a public school teacher.  $435 a paycheck is like seizing my last life’s breath!  I know.  I’m too old to make an irresponsible decision to forfeit a debt I created, even if it was not reflecting on my credit report. The score shouldn’t eliminate my obedience to God’s word, tho.  His word is very clear about paying debts.  Reaping and sowing comes with the good and the bad. This was bad, and I just knew God would not aid me in this indiscretion.  Could I blame him?  I knew better but I didn’t do better. 

         After hyperventilating, I turned to God for a resolution. His word had already convicted me.  Off top, I was reminded of His desire that we walk in complete obedience. That meant, I still had to pay my tithes.  I still had to pay my tithes, even after the money was snatched from my account. Withholding was not an option, that is if He was to assist and cover me in this situation.  This was going to be tight on your girl. 

There comes a time in every believer’s life when she must trust God blindly in the face of uncertainty.  This was my time.  Either I had to trust Malachi 3:10 which affirms, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house,”  and test God in this affirmation or not.  

But it said the whole tithe, sis. Not a partial tithe. Not a well-intended replacement offering.  Not a God knows my heart what-not. Whole. Tithe. I rolled the dice on God’s promise. And while I know that when you’re on God’s side, you’re already on the winning side, I wasn’t so sure how this win would look.

Listen.  My Daddy went to work on my behalf.  With only $80 to $100 to cover two weeks of food, gas, prescriptions, and the toss-ups of life for two and half months, God came through. I did what Psalm 37:5-6 told me to do. I committed my way to God; I trusted Him.  In return, He made my righteous reward shine like the dawn and my vindication like the noonday sun.      

And because God’s word is more multifaceted than a VBS stone, He threw in a crash course on money management while testing me on trust.  I ate well.  I cooked healthy foods and planned healthy meals.  From toothpaste to toilet paper, all my needs were met.  Through His grace I secured payment plans with utility companies without power interruptions.  Even the pharmacy tech reduced my iron medicine from $15 to $2!  A new budget helped me realize how much money I was wasting with a full paycheck. God, the best accountant ever, showed me how to save more money every month; it was sobering. Still, more than anything, God showed me that if I trust Him and obey Him, that even when I get myself into compromising situation, He will be faithful to usher me out if I yield to His way completely (Psalm 25:2).         

The knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom.  In this situation, God deposited His precious wisdom right into my heart.   I was scared at first, but He granted me a peace that completely passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7).  It wasn’t comfortable for me, but I knew He was working this out for me.  That bill is satisfied; my faith has been strengthened, and I have a pure testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness. 

I’m telling you, you need to trust Him, even when it hurts.  You will have a pure testimony to boast about as well!  Winning!


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  1. Mildred Jenkins Mildred Jenkins

    Amen. I can testify to this blog. I experienced the same situation. My God worked that thing out for my good. This is such a testimony.

    Thanks for sharing! OMG!

  2. Demetria Bowers-Adair Demetria Bowers-Adair

    Powerful ! Trusting Him when I can’t trace his hand !
    Bravo Sound Clarity

  3. Ida Ida

    Convicted! Thank you Sound Clarity!

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