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Making “Who’s That Lady” Great Again

Another blogging season started

For the most part, I didn’t even have to ask.

For the most part, they told me; you told me; you wanted your friend, Who’s That Lady, back in rotation.  My spirited had disappointed itself by orchestrating a semi-resurrection that didn’t allow the posts to sit all the way up.  In fits and starts I came and went, sharing snatches of my erratic journeys here and there.  But as it should be, my accountability writers held my feet to the fire and after months of procrastination, they got me to a place of surrender.

Hope, my sister, in her gentle prodding way, dropped hints by sending me trios of posts.  Demetria threatened to turn her Facebook page into a blog page if I didn’t move on something soon.  Kathy (or Sound Clarity as you know her on the blog), was refraining her famous, “I need to write something,” and she was waiting for me to make her do it.  Carmen hadn’t said a word, but I knew it was in her.  I’d torn through the opaqueness of her statuses and smiles.  Carmen wasn’t going to offer her words willingly.  I had to finesse them from her keyboard.  I asked her to come back, and she did. 

There are other ladies out there who have something to offer in the way of writing, but most of you really need something to refresh your spirits in the way of reading, and because of that, the blog is back.  We’re going to start slow this time, posting one blog per week, probably each Thursday, which I will now christen as “That Lady’s Thursday.”  I’ll do my thing on the last Friday of each month and anytime in between when I’m feeling especially ambitious.

First up will be Kathy whose commencement blog is about a haunting, a ghost story of a different kind that tells you what happens when a bill she left for dead rises from the grave and comes back to haunt her in the worse kind of way.  And she still came out winning. 

That’s the kind of transparency you should expect as we navigate this space.  The kind that makes you say, “she oughta be ashamed of herself.” Let me be clear.  We ain’t shame.  Not. No. Mo.

We will each share things that will make you blush, or flinch, or gag, or just turn your phone over, slam your laptop cover down, and even chuckle a little.  No looking away.  Not this time.  You. Need. To. Read. This. You may see us out in public and not know what to say, because you can’t believe we said what we said on the interwebs.  It’s fine.  Each of us is confident and unbothered enough to stand behind our own vulnerabilities.  We know that’s the place from which the best ministry comes, and we’re strong enough to live with the threat of embarrassment.  The way our lives are set up, we ain’t got nothing to lose.  God allowed (not necessarily sanctioned, but allowed) these experiences, and we couldn’t honor them any better than by turning them into sparkling moments of encouragement for you.

So, get your mind right and put the blog on lock.  We coming for your eyeballs, your contact lenses, and your Tom Ford frames, and we ain’t gone let ‘em go until there is clear confirmation that you’ve been blessed by each blog that makes its way onto the Who’s That Lady site.

And for those of you who are sleeping on that writing gift (you know who you are), get at me.  I’m always looking to expand the voice offerings here.  The blogging table has been spread.  Bring your laptop and write away.  The call has been made; I’m just waiting on your response.

If you ready, Who’s That Lady Readers, I’m ready. 

Love ya’ll


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  1. Demetria D. Bowers-Adair Demetria D. Bowers-Adair

    Let’s DO THIS!

  2. Kathryn Miller Kathryn Miller

    So glad your back!

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