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The Woman You Gave Me

This was Adam’s response to God,a response to His question about why he ate of the forbidden fruit. Just like we talked about in the previous post, Adam played the blame game. This is what most people remember about the Fall: the conflict, the mess, the uh-oh! But I want to flip the script and look at another aspect of this idea:

A woman and her influence.

Think about it, this was the very first recording of a woman’s influence in the Bible. This was the very first time that Eve was proactive, initiative, and influential. What does that tell us about women in general? We are creatures of influence! Eve, of course, perverted her influence, but there was influence nonetheless. This is what I want you to consider as you move toward becoming a Who’s That Lady?

As a Who’s That Lady, everything you touch should be influenced by the glory that God has placed in you. That’s a tall order, I know, but it begs the question: Who’s that lady making a difference everywhere she goes? To be this woman of influence you have to be so close to God that you can easily hear what move he wants you to make, to whom he wants you to minister, when he wants you to be quiet, and how he wants you to act.

God will never put you in a position to do something for which he hasn’t equipped you. With this in mind, remember that everywhere your foot falls should leave some glory. When you leave the room your words, actions, even visual should resonate glory, wisdom, influence, power, and the essence of God. Everything you say should have the wisdom of God undergirding it. How do you know you have it? Well, you hear God speaking to you and directing you toward the right thing to do and say. He may also allow you to discern things going on around you so that you can adjust your mood and tone. You will find when you watch and observe without talking, you may see an area of ministry just for you. You may sense that someone needs an encouraging word or Godly advice. Because you are so in tuned with your Father, God, you will be in tune with His children and their needs.

A Who’s That Lady has multiple things to be on the look out for. It takes a lot of practice, too. At first you will feel like a robot, taking commands from a programmer. But watch how you will become more conscious of being a Godly woman without even thinking about it. One day you will come to the end of a situation and say, “Wow, how did God get me to act like that? Back in the day I woulda…,” you fill in the blank.

Just be sure you don’t pervert your influence like Eve did. She was so fascinated with being wise and all knowing that she forgot about God’s purpose for her life. She was so self-absorbed she didn’t think about how her influence affect others, and she was not tuned in to the voice of God. In your road to becoming a Who’s That Lady, be aware of when your influence is becoming perverted. One way to know is that your decisions are “me-centered” and not “God-centered.”

Ultimately, you want others to tell God, “This woman you sent my way ministered to me and now I feel better.” “This woman you sent me is a wise and virtuous woman who cares about my hurt and disappointment.” You want your husband to tell God “This woman you gave me has helped me to become known at the gates.” Is this woman you? It very well could be.

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