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Who Told You You Were Naked?

I’ve always been fascinated with Eve and how I, one of her daughters, have retained so many of her qualities. Even down to the way I feel when I take a bite of my own forbidden fruit, I mirror her. I took a closer look at Eve’s reaction immediately after the fall and thought, “Wow, I do the same thing when I make a choice that doesn’t honor the beautiful life that God has designed for me!”

Metaphorically, I believe we all have our personal “Gardens of Eden” a place or purpose where God wants to put us so we can experience an abundant life. Likewise, I believe that within those gardens are the terrific and the terrible, the beautiful and the beastly, the sanctified and the sinful. But because none of us are perfect, we mess up and are forced to deal with the consequences of our sin.

Many times we are faced with these temptations when we feel most vulnerable, most alone, and most lonely. That’s when the serpent approached Eve, at her most vulnerable moment, when no one was around to minister her into a different direction. Her vulnerability left her a victim to temptation and she did eat.

We eat of the forbidden fruit, too. And honestly, we can feel things start to change on the inside of our spirit when we knowingly go against God’s design for our lives; I know I do. It makes me feel dirty, exposed, naked—kinda like Eve did when she took that first bite, she felt naked and ashamed. The first thing she did (along with her husband) was cover herself with things were not designed to cover. We do it too. When we mess up, we avoid people who don’t even know what’s going on with us. We stay inside our homes so no one will see us. We cover ourselves with fake smiles and nervous giggles, wool suits and wayward glances, all because we feel displaced in our disobedience. Even as we are leaving the covering stage of our self-disappointment, we replay in our minds over and over again the steps it took to get us to fall, the places we were, the people we were around (Oh, yeah, the people we were around). Once we pinpoint those people and things, we play the blame game. “She/He made me do it!” Sound familiar? Eve said the same thing. “The serpent made me do it!”

I think that sometimes being a Who’s That Lady simply means taking responsibility for our own actions (confession) and asking God to forgive us, otherwise our sin will place us further and further away from the voice of God. Remember when God called for Adam and Eve at first they didn’t answer. They’re disobedience kept them from hearing God clearly. Ladies, we have to make sure we don’t waist time going down the same road over and over again. Sometimes, you just have to turn away, far away (repent). Eve didn’t get to go back to that same old tree after she ate of it. She went on with her life, outside the garden of Eden.

After God restores your spirit and heals your heart, He turns your hurt into ministry. You shed old skin and become transformed into a person with a new ministry. You see, even the sin we succumb to works together for the good of people who love and serve God, the ones who are called to live a purposed life in Him.

So on your journey to becoming a Who’s That Lady, it is important that you come to grips with your own vulnerabilities, temptations, and desires. Be honest about your inadequacies and lay them out before God. If you can’t recognize them, ask God to show you, you. I can attest to the fact He will. Once He does, you are in a better position to recognize the temptations set before you daily. You already know, you can’t win ‘em all. You will fail a test or two, just know that a Who’s That Lady learns from her mistakes and recognizes the deliverance as a vehicle for ministry.

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