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What does Eve Have to do With Me?

Eve is the pattern from which we were cut. She messed up, seriously she did, but it is from her that we can learn a lot about ourselves. Ultimately, that’s the only way you can get to the woman God called you to be. You have to know where you came from. Well, I think we already established that she was the crown of creation, the pinnacle of God’s fashion show, and so woman, Eve was the best a man could get in a female. That is until that thing happened. You know that thing, where she bit the fruit and gave it to her husband and then screwed it up for everybody. Yeah, that. But, if we look at a it closely, ladies, we may see God holding a mirror up to our own issues.

The Bible tells us that there are three things that trip us up on our road to becoming Christ-like. One is the lust of the flesh, next the lust of the eye, and lastly, the pride of life. Eve fell prey to all three of those things. The lust of the flesh: Eve saw the fruit and smelled its sweet aroma, and her stomach began to tell her she was hungry. Even though, we already know there was plenty of other fruit around. The lust of the eye: She saw that the fruit was good for food, gliding her delicate fingers across the skin of the fruit she checked its ripeness. And the pride of life: That little imp, Satan, told her the fruit would make her as wise as God, and BAM! she took a bite.

Now, we all can replace that fruit with something else, can’t we? Let’s say a fabulous pair of shoes, banana flambe’, a BMW 750, that fine brotha in the cubicle behind you, that beautiful silk suit you saw in the boutique, a big old piece of lemon pound cake, your fifth cup of coffee for the day. We are not Eve, we are her lineage, and we are not exempt from the same temptation she yielded to. What we do have is the Holy Spirit to help us keep our desires in check, to remind us to slow down. A still sweet voice whispers wisdom in our ear so we can make the best choice, one that glorifies God and keep us on the right path.

So what does Eve have to do with you? A heck of a lot, my sister. Our desires, our fixations, obsessions, and perversions, well, we get if from our momma. Aren’t you glad that there is someone who can intercede for us when we take a bite of our own personal fruit of temptation? Isn’t it wonderful that there is a mediator sitting at the right hand of God saying, “Bless her heart, she just can’t help herself, forgive her one more time.”? It makes me absolutely ecstatic that Jesus is the propitiation, replacement, stand-in, at the times that God probably wants to knock us out.

I honor Eve as the mother of all, but I thank God that he sent someone to help us to get back on track when we take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

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