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Who Bought You That?

My niece and I visit a lot of cool, fun places in the summer.  She has the most beautiful face and sincere heart, and her eyes are always open wide to receive all that I have to tell her.  This question, I wasn’t quite ready for though.  But it was those eyes, right?  Those eyes told me I had to get this one right.

“T.T. Hopie, who bought you that?” my niece asked as he stared at my shoes.

This was a question I didn’t know how to answer.  A thousand answers appeared in my mind in less than a second.  Me? God? Hard work?  Each has its own purpose.  Each has its own…return.

Though I am a strong believer in having a God-given partner, I never want her to feel as if she has to wait on others to look nice or even wait to use her career skills to buy great things. I am a beautifully, strong single woman and I want my niece to know she has the intelligence and skill to achieve what she wants, and more importantly, what she needs.  As I wrote in 7 Women 7 Words, it’s important that my niece sees an example of a smart, career woman with the ability to purchase nice clothes and comfortable, dazzling shoes if she wants to.  I want to be that example so she won’t have to look too far to find that example and examine if that’s the type of woman she wants to be.

So I had my response ready.  I was going to say, I bought that from the money I earn in my career.  But wait.  I don’t want my niece to think she should always do everything by herself.  I don’t want to give the impression that it’s better to be alone when attempting to meet a goal.  I also don’t want her to think it’s all about the money and what money can buy.  There has to be a purpose to what I do and how I benefit from what I do.

Hmmmm.  Perhaps I’ll say, I use my skills to touch many lives, and in return, this is how I’m rewarded.  Too complex, eh?  Definitely don’t want her walking around with the mindset that I can do it all by myself — I don’t need you.  You.  Or you.

Now, wait.  No matter what, I have to connect God.  God is who gave me the skill anyway.  By now, I think I have my answer-God bought me that.  Wait.  Then I’d have to explain the idea of God walking around saying, “Here you go Hope!”

“Who bought you that?” my niece repeated anxiously.  She then added, “Who bought you that shirt too?”

Now I’m ready.

I smile.  “I’m so glad you asked!  God bought me this.  God gave me beautiful, strong skills I get to use with others to help people grow their purpose.  When I use those skills the right way, I am often blessed with the ability to buy nice things.  I feel good having these things because they are a gift and because through it all, I get to show other people how good God is.”

So, my blog is about balance, and answering that question for my niece was a true balancing act.  But that little girl, well, she’s the kind of niece that completely gets it, and I felt confirmation knowing that I got the balance right, for her sake and mine.


Hope LeNoir

Career Coach with Results, Award Winning Author, Inspirational Speaker

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