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How intelligent are you, emotionally?

It’s in your best career interest to get emotional with me.

He never realized that people kept leaving.  They didn’t want to be a part of his team, and he had no idea.  They weren’t mean or condescending before leaving; they just left.  The sad part:  He never considered (or even knew to consider) researching why employees were leaving.

Maybe it was when he said his grandbabies were brown like Jonathan, so he never could tell if his grands were clean when they took baths.

Maybe it was when he told Anne he could take care of a task–because he had a Master’s degree; his credentials would make the task easier for him than her.

Maybe it was that one time he told his boss he had to have a deep talk with “Women’s Groups,” because they were the only ones who seemed to have social problems.

People kept reporting him, his behaviors, but he always thought it was their discriminatory conscious, not his.  While many elements contributed to his private and public failures, his EQ played a big factor.  People with low emotional intelligence, EQ, cannot maintain personal and professional friendships and they often do not have the capacity to sustain or appropriately function in a leadership role.  Surprise?  Don’t be.

WTL EQI’ve always been strategic about what I say in a corporate environment.  Well, I’ve always been careful of what I say in my personal environments too.  The reality is, most successful individuals are successful because of their exhibition of emotional intelligence.  Did you know even those who step outside of the “politically correct” realm or even use profanity that you’ve been taught to “close” your ears to and avoid because it was professionally inappropriate, use this language because it gives them greater credibility, emotionally?

Don’t believe me? Google it.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage emotions.  Those with stronger EQ can not only manage their emotions, but they can also tune in and respond effectively to the emotions of others.  Those with high levels of emotional intelligence are often more successful than those with higher IQ.  Relating to the emotions of others provides a great avenue of trust.  We all know people like to do business and be in environments with people they trust.

So what’s in it for you?  You should know that professionals with stronger levels of emotional intelligence most often earn and sustain people-leaderships roles.  (BE AWARE:  Some professional choose NOT to take on business leadership roles for themselves.)  Those with stronger levels of EQ skills are also found to be more successful in sales and campaign related ventures.  The WHY is probably evident.  They have more effective communication skills than those with low EQ skills.  The good news is you can strengthen your emotional intelligence skills.  (Your IQ on the other hand, cannot change.)

The four elements of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management.  Though all are important, consider self-awareness and social awareness a priority.  You must first be aware of your own emotional state in order to effectively manage it and then influence the emotions of others.  And in order to influence the emotions of others, you must be socially aware-aware of how others are feeling.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Why is this important?”  Here’s why.  If you want to influence your class, your audience, your church group, your relationships, your health, you must understand and develop strong emotional intelligence.  If you want to gain a better people-response and robust leadership skills, you must have a high EQ.

Now you know about the importance of high EQ skills.  You’re encouraged to grow it and you have the resources to find out how.  Now what?  Share those skills with everyone else you know.  I did, and my client was floored, especially when he got his EQ test scores.  The even better part of the story is that he WANTED to learn more about how to improve and give himself a better brand.  I’m grateful he allowed me to share his story.

Need books to learn even more about emotional intelligence?  Try these listed below.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves (includes EQ test)

Emotional Intelligence:  Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman

Not a book reader?  Here are some great high level videos on emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence-Robert Tearle:

Emotional Intelligence-Brendon Gouveia

Or, hire me to speak to your group or speak with you one on one.  Contact me at  Got an unanswered question about EQ skills?  Others may want to know too.  Let’s all get emotional!  Post below.

Hope LeNoir,

Career Coach, Speaker and Author

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  2. So glad you liked it, Ciera! I hope you found this helpful.

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    A beautiful Read.

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