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Stay in Your Lane?

I’ve said it numerous times.  I say it, especially, when I don’t want to fulfill the request of the person asking me to do something.

It occurred to me that the “stay in your lane,” excuse is a little bit of a fallacy for believers.  Really, it kinda sorta goes against God’s teaching about our abilities and capabilities as it applies to his power to do exceedingly and above whatever we could ask or think.

Let me break it down like this.  We all, at some point in our walk, have run into some things we just can’t (or perhaps, won’t, is a better word) do.  You know for sure what you’ve never done; however, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  You know there are some things that you’d rather not do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do those things.  Nevertheless, we will quote that scripture in Philippians, “I can do ALL things through Christ…” (ya’ll know the rest), when we really really want to do something.  But when it comes to stuff we’re not comfortable with, we tend to want to “stay in our lane.”

Don’t get me wrong.  You know for sure that there are some talents God didn’t hand out to you.

Like singing.  You know when you can’t sing.

Or dancing.  Yep.  You know when you’re not on beat.

Or drawing.  Stick people, all day.

But other things, like speaking in front of an audience, or teaching bible study, or even helping decorate for the woman’s conference, those things are doable (especially with a little instruction and practice).  And you should STOP staying in what you deem your lane, because you don’t want to be bothered, or you don’t want to be bothered with the person who’s doing it (OOOOH, I felt that in my belly, ya’ll).

Here’s the thing, God is bigger than the lane you put yourself in.  How dare you confine him to one lane in your life, when HE is the maker and giver of all lanes?  When you say, “Imma stay in my lane,” you are basically telling God, “I hear you telling me to switch lanes, but I’m not going to do it.  I’ll just stay right here”

Instead of telling God that, why don’t you check with God about the lanes around you before deciding to set up shop in the lane you’ve been in (probably all of your life).  You never know, God just may ask you to switch lanes and drive a little faster.  He may ask you to get out of the lane you’re in, exit, and stop at the rest area.  Be prepared for the moments He tells you to get out of what you’ve pegged “your lane.”

Who told you that was your lane anyway?  When did you get to owning lanes around here?  (Wait.  I got carried away.)

Let me get to the bottom line.  Many times, we frame our mindset with phrases that limit what God can do with his power.  Sure, there are some things you do better than others, but if you believe that God’s strength is made perfect in your weak areas, you shouldn’t worry much about changing lanes.  If you are weak while in the new lane, God will strengthen you to drive the heck out of that lane.  If you believe that God can really change your fear of another lane to power over that lane, you won’t fret when you’re called to do something outside of your comfort zone.

The key, when battling with “your lane,” is discerning God’s voice.  He may be speaking to you so that you can do something different.  He may be standing at the crossroads, dressed in His crossing guard raiment of white, guiding you to another lane.  If you hear His voice earnestly and clearly directing you in that way, you need to change lanes, and get to the destination He’s assigned for you in this season.

Checking my mirrors,


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  1. Jackie Jackie

    LOL…right on point. In the words of the popular Kirk Franklin song “I Just Want To Be Happy,” he says”let HIM take the wheel!” Now that’s a sermon for you! Thanks for the reminder DiAnne!

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