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Walking in Contentment: Part II

At some point, you have been in a situation where you were not satisfied or you were not at ease with your current situation.  It is incredibly easy for a person successful and fulfilled in their career to tell you to keep working hard or keep sending out your resume, you’ll be rewarded in due time.  It is incredibly easy for a person with a 2015 model car to tell you to hold out for your blessing when you’re leaving places early or late so that people don’t see you crawling over from your passenger side.  It is incredibly easy for a person with an 800 credit score to tell you how to get your credit score up when your ends haven’t met in years.  It is incredibly easy for a person in a good relationship to assure you that God is just preparing your Mr. Right for you.  Someone that has a good marriage can easily tell you to hang in there in a marriage where you feel empty and unwanted.  A mother can easily tell you that you have plenty of time to be blessed with children; spend this time enjoying your husband.  Rationally, I don’t doubt that any of these people are coming from a good place and mean you so much good when they tell you that.  It doesn’t comfort that dis-ease though.

See…that’s what discontentment is, a disease.  Discontentment eats away at you.  Discontentment will have you jealous of your family and closest friends.  Discontentment will have you showing out for people you don’t even like.  It will have you bitter at a job you once loved.  It will have you in dead end relationships and situations just for attention and affection.  It will have you angry at everything and everyone, including God.  I’m not talking about what I heard; I’m telling you what I know.  You see…I’m getting treated for the disease of discontentment myself.

When I started I said that contentment was defined as a mental or emotional state of satisfaction or happiness.  As a Christian, I have to debunk this definition.  If you base contentment on happiness, you will never be content.  Happiness depends on what’s happening.  So, if things are going well, you will be happy.  However, when things aren’t going well, if you’re living with happiness alone, things could go awry.  I’d like to replace happiness with joy in the definition.  Joy comes as a result of faith.  Though your situation looks grim, if you’ve got faith, it will convince you that joy will come in the morning.  Joy brings with it peace.  Peace makes you at ease.

When you have joy, you can sit outside your foreclosed home with nowhere to go and praise God for provision.  When you have joy, you can sit in the doctor’s office and hear a diagnosis that gives you three months to live, and thank the doctor and praise God for your healing.  Joy will have you hugging people that you know have set you up for failure and spitefully used you.  Joy lets you find victory even in the midst of defeat.  My sisters in Christ, it is joy that will keep you walking in contentment.  Let nothing and no one steal it from you.  Always remember that no matter where you are now, it’s all a part of the plan God has for you.  Yes, your unemployment is a part of the plan.  Your financial despair is a part of the plan.  Your broken heart is a part of the plan.  The lonely nights longing for companionship are a part of the plan.  Your barrenness is a part of the plan.  God has not forgotten about you my sisters, and God has not forgotten about me either.  Until our change comes, let us continue to walk together in contentment and love.

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  1. Cicely Cicely

    Just as I learned to be content and thankful for what God HAD provided and decided to trust Him and His plan, He gave me the desire of my heart. You sho’ nuff blessed me with this contribution. {{{Hugs}}}

  2. Phyllis Martin Phyllis Martin

    Contentment and Love powerful words

  3. Carmen Carmen

    The walk in contentment isn’t easy, but I’m learning God is busy even in what I consider a messed up situation. It was a blessing for me to write and an even bigger blessing to share.

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