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High-salt-intake-linked-to-premature-cellular-agingJust this morning I was thinking about having a waffle slathered with buttered and covered in maple syrup.  Then I remembered, we didn’t have salted butter.  For me, there is something about salted butter that makes a plain waffle siiiiing.  And then…top it with syrup.  Oh. My. Goodness.

Wait… What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, salt.

While butter is one of the best things in the world (I’m serious.  It is.), salt brings out its flavor all the more.  And it occurred to me as I was culling together my make believe breakfast of waffles and butter, that as believers, we are supposed to be salt.  Duh.  I knew the concept.  You are salt.  Flavor the earth.  But, something about the phrase, “bring out the flavor,” put things into perspective.  I got a little bit convicted.

Here is the thing, as salt, I’m supposed to bring out the flavor in everything I sprinkle myself over.  As I ponder on this, I can distinctly remember times that I was not salt.  I was so busy trying to get my point across, share my feelings, get you told off as politely as possible (but with a little bit of sting), that I wasn’t worried about whether my actions would ultimately bring out the flavor (read: best, good, greatness, awesomeness, fabulousness… okay, escalating) in someone else.

I have to really think about how I’m flavoring my surroundings.  I don’t want to be pepper, at least not too much.  Burning eyes.  Choking folks.  Overpowering situations.  I really, really want to be salt.  I just decided.  Now I’m accountable.  But I didn’t want to be in this alone, so if you’re reading this you’re accountable.

Now, salting things is a very deliberate process.  You have to (dare I say) think, before you act.  When you are in the throes of a sticky situation, it is important that you remember you are the salt in the situation, so you have to sprinkle enough of your salt around to improve the flavor of your environment.  That means, you can’t always say whatever you want to say, nor can you act the way you want to act.  Whatever you do or say must bring out the best in your surroundings.

Sounds like a big responsibility, right?  Well it is; however, it’s a responsibility that’s bound to bring you closer to Christ, because it is he who will give you the discernment to determine just how much salt you are suppose to use.  It may take a little; maybe a lot–just like in real life cooking.  Whatever the case, rarely will you be able to measure your salt accurately on your own.  You must listen to that still small voice that tells you, “Sprinkle now.  That’s enough.  A little more.”

So, ladies, when you look in the mirror, please remember you’re looking at salt, and that salt is a really big deal.  If you’re not improving things where you are, you may have lost some of your savor.  But if you see things tasting pretty good in your neck of the woods, keep flavoring what you flavor.



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  1. Mildred Jenkins Mildred Jenkins

    Awesome words of wisdom and revelation! Thanks again for sharing.

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