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There’s No One Like You

But you know this already.  You remember the blog, “Look at You?”  You remember all that stuff about being fearfully and wonderfully made?  Yes, that’s still you.  But also remember, you are blessed with gifts that separate you from other people.  Gifts that make you unique.  The bible calls all the different gifts, divers gifts.  You have one or two (or a few of those), too.  It’s true, there is no one in the entire world exactly like you.


Why in the world do you expect everyone to be like you?  Here’s the point.  We say in our heads that we realize that everyone’s different.  We promise to celebrate those differences and respect the way that we are all one body fitly joined together for use in God’s kingdom, but then conflict arises.   That is when our differences within the body are put to the test.  That fitly jointly drama goes out of the window, and the one thing that angers us, continuously is, “why doesn’t she see it the way I do?”

Wouldn’t it be great, for us all to see things alike?  There would be no more arguments, disagreements, conflicts and strife.  We’d all just get along.  But saints, it doesn’t work like that.  We are different, and because we operate in a Christian community that calls us to put our differences together to present a united body of believers, we have to work hard to make sure differences don’t divide us.

With that said, we shouldn’t expect to get along perfectly.  My way of resolving conflict probably won’t match your way, and acknowledging that fact first may diffuse a lot of drama.

Over the years, I’ve realized, that most of the issues I’ve had with other people have had to do with my not understanding that everyone doesn’t think like I do. This revelation is probably not foreign to you, either.  But it’s not unnatural to think that way.

The only way of thinking we know is our own, because, well, that’s the only head we’ve been in all of our lives.  So our first instinct is to expect others to share the same thought processes.  We don’t immediately realize that the other person’s experience, family background, baggage, or even what they had for breakfast effects how she responds to conflict.

If we go in with a one another attitude (Romans is full of one-another behaviors) we will become other centered in dealing with…okay I’ll say it… one another.

Here it is in a nut shell, there is no one in the world like you, so for “peace”-sake, don’t expect others to do what you do.  And please, don’t think because you do it, it must be right.  The thing that keeps sisters in Christ walking in love with one another, in spite of their differences, is the unity we find in Christ.  If we are all following His principle, we should be able to better navigate our uniqueness, and thus resolve those conflicts that arise with the cause of Christ ever before us.

Next time you begin to wonder, why a person doesn’t see things the way you do, just remember, it’s simply because that person is not you.  And lastly, when conflict arises out of differences, remember to find the common cause of Christ for which you both work and start reconciliation there.

Uniquely me,


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  1. Rhetoric 101: When dealing with an audience that opposes your point of view, a key way to lessen their objections is to find common ground. POW! As I’ve earned more stripes in my life, I realize that everyone does not have to agree with me. I see the benefit in being disagreed with, as it affords me the opportunity to evaluate my own thoughts and determine if they are, or ever were, valid.

  2. Norris Norris

    Yep to it all, I heard it said we agreed to disagreed which taught me to be okay if my opinion is not yours but we have that right to express, but not all the time we get that. So in alot of instances depending on who or what the situation may be it leaves most issues unresolved and left out there because of the lack of understanding that I am me and you are you.

  3. kathryn kathryn

    Love it!! Only because this is something I struggle with regularly especially in ministry. I tend to get frustrated and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is “why don’t people think like I do?” I have never put it in a unique perspective. Maybe now I won’t get so frustrated and embrace me being me!

  4. Ciera Ciera

    This has always been a factor in why I clash with people so much! For the life of me I just cant understand why people do the things that they do. I often find myself wondering why do people respond to certain situations the way they do and to be honest I am angered when they dont see it my way! Especially after I’ve put in the time to explain, in depth, why they should see things my way! I am learning that everything is a learning process and I have to humble my self in order to coexist. I am learning that we are not all the same and the way we think or respond to certain situations won’t be the same either! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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