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The Mirror Has Three Faces

Eyes_open_wide_by_LiNoRI know.  Weird, right?  But it’s true. The mirror has three faces, and frankly you can only trust one of those faces.

Mirror 1:  This is the face you’re most accustomed to, that’s the you that you actually see everyday.  You can ALMOST predict what you may do; however, you can’t be sure.  In this mirror you see and decide what you want to do and how you want to be each day.  This mirror houses finite hope.  Your intentions are in this mirror, the things you mean to do, the attitude you mean to project, the face you want the world to see.

Mirror 2: This mirror shows the face that others around you see.  The funny thing is, no matter what you intended to be seen in Mirror 1, it’s highly likely that people won’t see what you intend for them to see.  In other words, the only thing you can control is what you do, that’s why you have mirror 1.  What you can’t control is how people react, receive or respond to what you do.  All things could potentially fall apart with all of the good intentions in the world.

Mirror 3:  This is the mirror of potential, and try as you might, you can’t see far enough to view all the potential in this mirror.  The main reason is because it’s God’s mirror.  It’s the way he sees you, in the future, with all your royal raiment of purpose on.  If God even showed you a third of that mirror, you would turn away and say, “Nah, that’s not me.”  Oh, but it is.  This mirror, my friends, is the only mirror you can really trust.  God only shows you a little bit of this mirror at a time.  He gives you all you can handle in a day.  Your daily mirror.  That’s what we’ll call it; it’s kind of like your daily bread.  Seek God’s mirror each morning so that he can renew what you see and you can use that renewal to carry you through the day.

The beautiful thing about Mirror 3 is that as you look in Mirror 1, you begin to see  the changes revealed in Mirror 3.  I know, confusing right?  Let me make it more plain.  God wants Mirror 1 (your desires) and Mirror 3 (his desires) to match up.  The purpose of Mirror 3 is to give you the groundwork for what you should look like in Mirror 1, and that’s to look more and more like Jesus.  Whatever is going on with Mirror 2 will fall in line.  That’s a promise given to us by God.  You know: look at God’s kingdom first and God will take care of everything else.  Here’s another one for you, lift God up by staying in His mirror and men will be drawn to the God in you.  It all lines up

How does this work?  Well, the bible tells us we should delight ourselves in God.  What that entails is staying in Mirror 3, gazing at the snippets of the you God intends you to be until all pieces come together, until the dark parts of the mirror are clear, and you are changed from gaze to gaze, from glory to glory.  That means reading your bible, daily.  Praying always.  Listening and obeying God’s voice.  Only then will His promise to us be fulfilled, to give us our hearts desires, which ultimately become God’s desire.

So which will it be, friends?  Mirror 1, Mirror 2, or Mirror 3?  The choice is yours.

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  1. Ida Ida

    Excellent..Matt 6:33. And at this moment, Shirley Caesar’s “Peter don’t be afraid” is playing on Pandora. Don’t be afraid of God’s Mirror. Thank you, friend.

  2. Simonia MeChelle Simonia MeChelle

    “This is a true light indeed!” “I’m Simonia MeChelle, reporting to you on what I’ve read!” 👏 👏 👏

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