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Wait.  Let me say this:  This will be hard to hear.

I think the reason why we are so good at pointing out the faults of others is because we can identify (with well-aligned accuracy) those faults within ourselves.

You’ve heard the expression:  It takes one to know one.  Trust me it’s true.

I can lift someone’s indiscretions a lot quicker, if I have experienced, tip toed around, lavishly indulged in those same indiscretions.

You know what we call it?  Discernment.

Or, we say, “I can see that spirit coming a mile away.”  Oh you can, huh?

Now, I’m not saying that every little thing that gets under your skin is something you’re struggling with, but many of the things we recognize and rush to judge, many of the spirits we “call out,” are familiar.  I mean, familiar to us, personally.  And because the fault is so close, it’s really easy to miss-see the faults of others.

Okay, so you may need a scripture here, because this is a tough one.  Matthew 7:3-5 talks about planks and specks and what not.  Basically it says, “How are you going to judge me, when you’re over there doing THE MOST?  Get your mess together, THEN come help me clean up my mess.”

This goes hand in hand with why it is so important to look in the mirror in dealing with ourselves, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the world.  Before we begin to run down all the unsightly things about other Christians, we must be sure our vision is not skewed by the planks we have in our own eyes, because assuredly, when something is in my eye, it is very hard for me to clearly focus on what’s in my line of vision, and thus very likely I will see things, well, wrong.

When we de-plank before calling it like we think we see it, we can see things with a spiritual clarity that can only be given by God.  Only then can we realize that our connection with helping others who’ve fallen into sin is closer than we think.  Once we acknowledge that close connection, we can begin to minister to others out of our own successes and freedoms in Christ.  If there is no deliverance from our own planks, how can we give hope to those who are dealing with specks?

As you move about today, Who’s That Lady, be sure that your own eyes are de-planked.  Remove the boulder from your line of vision so that you can better help rinse out the dust in someone else’s eyes.

Grabbing the Visine


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  1. ciera ciera

    It is very easy to point out someone else’s mess while denying our own! It’s always better to refocus and see where we fall in the madness of judging/calling out others!!

  2. Ciera, this was big for me to even write, because I had to publicly admit my own bad behaviors. But it’s well. When you are shown your own foolishness, you must remember God is giving you a gift. Keep that baby warm, and I haven’t forgotten you. Had the flu on the day of your shower. Be well…

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