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Spit and Swish

prism-series-aluminum-dual-head-stethoscope-red-slider-pack-05-12112-veridian-2In a perfect world, we would never spit anything out of our mouths. Every morsel of food and swallow of beverage would be delicious, and every phrase we utter would be edifying and encouraging to others. But realistically speaking, some food is too disgusting to swallow and some words are too vile for you to ingest. Sometimes, I think of some of the most awful things to say to people (usually people who have offended me), but when I’m in tune with God, I can’t say them. Most of the time, the words are so nasty and hurtful that to swallow them would be to poison myself! More often than not, verbal retaliations are vile and poisonous. I have learned not to swallow verbal retaliations because I can’t seem to get them out of my system. I end up spewing the venom anyway.

So when it’s a retaliation, spit it out…tell God what you really wanted to say (it’s not like he didn’t already know) get it out of your system and away from others. Ask the Lord for help with the person and for yourself. This quick prayer can act as a mouthwash so you can start over…fresh.

Keeping it Minty Fresh,

Dr. Tame Your Talk

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