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Upheaval to Upward Bound

20140621_094846_resizedI was sitting at the table early one morning with my youngest son.  He was eating quietly, staring at his seatmate, the Nintendo 3DS.  I watched him.  He didn’t seem to mind; however, before I knew it, I was crying.

It’s been a rough few weeks, friends. Since our home invasion, around mid June, my life has run amuck.  Topsy turvy, may describe it best.  In 4 weeks, I’ve packed up an entire townhome, visited over 20 homes for sale, bid on two foreclosed home and a short sale.  Got two bids accepted, then countered, then denied.  Finally decided on a home that I felt kind of “meh” about.  Then fell in love with it.  I’ve had a middle schooler transition to high school, a child turn into a preteen, and four year old who has just recently become ferocious.  I’ve acquired by hook and crook a new computer that seems to run slower than the old, only to discover it does NOT have a publishing suite of any kind.  Got an offer for a dream job that had the funding snatched from it the very day I would be hired.

I’m tired.

While my middle child munched on Honey Comb, and I sat crying like a two year old, the tables turned.  He became the all-wise parent and I, the child. He looked at me indifferently and said, “remember mom, when you’re at your lowest, the highest blessings come.”  He then commenced to masticated the puffy little combs in his bowl.

My son does this to me all the time, the very moment I feel most vulnerable and the very time he seems most disinterested, he gives me these mini sermons that blow me away.  Proving three things:

  1. He does listen to the sermons in church
  2. He does pay attention
  3. He is a wise little weird little wonderful little boy

My mind got right after what that little boy said that to me.  I could only answer him with an Amen, but my heart wasn’t as heavy.  And while I’m still grabbing pots and pans from a May Tag box, and my children sometimes have to drink from some never before used wine glasses, because they are the most accessible cups in the immediate vicinity, I know I’m upward bound.

Instead of looking to the left and right at the chaos that surrounds me, I look up and become thankful, not because it could be worse (and I know it could), but because I know there is something up the street from this upheaval I am experiencing.  I am excited about seeing what it is.

My kids are excited, for I have been given this wonderful opportunity to teach them hope, anticipation and excitement and appreciation.  This is a journey that we are actually taking together.  We are sharing God’s purpose for our lives and are really walking by way of the lamp at our feet and light in our immediate path.

Hopefully, this journey will help minister to you when you come to your upheaval moment and give you encouragement for your upward bound trip.

Moving on Up,


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  1. Mildred Jenkins Mildred Jenkins

    Di, this really helped my present situation. Thank you for real and open.

  2. Ciera Shannon Ciera Shannon

    What an amazing experience!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Lori Love Lori Love

    “Out of the mouths of babes”…. It’s refreshing to hear that God is still in the blessing business regardless of what Satan meant for your bad. Love you 2 pieces. Miss you dearly.

  4. Awesome! as always. Thank you for sharing your battle; that’s not always easy to do and yet you’ve let us into your world, again. Thank you for being an inspiration, insightful, and allowing God to use you for the glory of His kingdom.

    May God bless you abundantly and more than you can even think of. May your cup runneth over with blessings and may God enlarge your territory. I thank God in advance for what He is about to do in your life and the lives of your family! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  5. Kelly Kelly

    That little boy is so on point. And to quote my illustrious Pastor from Sunday’s message:
    Bruises come with Blessings……..PREACH REV RAY! Believe dat!

  6. Carmen Gregory Carmen Gregory

    I am dealing with something on my job that I have never experienced in my 16 years as an educator. It is difficult, but I reflect on what I received out of the message Jamal Bryant shared during the conference…’why do you think your assignment should be easy, Jesus’ wasn’t’ and that has carried me through what I am dealing with. I realize that it is all for my growth and His glory. Does it mean I don’t complain or become angry…NO NOT AT ALL…but once the feelings subside…I have something to come back to that can help me move forward…dealing with the ‘thorns in my side’.

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