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Digging Deep: Take 5 Good LOOKS Inside Your Closet

Spring has sprung and it’s time to pack up the cute little pea coats, the fabulous sweaters and the fierce boots. It’s time to go shopping for a new spring and summer wardrobe! Okay really ladies really? Good steward…uuummm.

I know we all get the spring shopping fever and can’t wait to go out and indulge (OVERINDULGE) in shopping for the cutesy new spring pieces that have been advertised for months. Those pieces that we gasp at on sight, drool over, fantasize about wearing.   Those pieces we just can’t live without.  But there are pieces that are just as cutesy that you haven’t given a second thought.

purpledressWhat about what’s already in your closet? Yeah, that closet; the one exploding at the seams; the one you look into and get overwhelmed at just the thought of pulling anything out.  Yeah that one you grab a piece from and run to keep things from falling on you. Yeah, the one full of spring things we used to be excited about.

Did you know there are hidden treasures in the perceived chaos of your closet? Just as in finding any hidden treasure you must have a planned course of action and be prepared to dig deep.

  1. Look when you know you’ve got your mind right! Don’t look for the hidden treasures in your closet unless you’re really really ready for the task at hand. If you’re tired, in a hurry or looking for the perfect piece immediately, you’re not ready. If you start your dig in the wrong states of mind, I promise, the anxiety of the moment while overwhelm you, and you will overlook some fabulous finds.
  2. Look at every single piece in your closet. YES every piece. Sometimes things are bunched up, folded over hangers or in complete disarray. If you don’t look closely at every piece you’re going to miss a treasure hidden in plain sight.
  3. Look at the potential in a piece, not the immediate displeasure you see . Don’t be so quick to discard pieces that you think are dated because of style or color.
  4. Look at the uniqueness of the piece; the bold colors, shapes, the vintage or eclectic style.
  5. Look past the traditional use of the piece. So what the skirt and blazer are a suit? Add a tee shirt and your favorite pair of jeans to the blazer for girls night out . Take the skirt, a shirt and a scarf for a polished business look.

Dig ladies dig! There are scarfs, belts, long and short sleeved blouses. Mini, maxi and mid length skirts. Patterns, prints, solids. Bright vibrant bold colors hidden right at your fingertips ready to spring up and out into your spring wardrobe.

Once your dig is complete, organize your finds. Get excited and visualize the perfect opportunity to show off your beautiful treasures. When you step out you will get unexpected compliments like, “What a cute top;” “that looks fabulous together”. And finally the question, “where ever did you find that?” And your response will be “oh this old thing? I dug it out of my closet”. Now that’s a good steward!

Being a good steward and digging my way to fabulocity!

And if you MUST have something new to accessorize your already awesome spring wardrobe, click the highlighted link to visit Demetria’s Online Boutique.  She is a personal shopper who takes shopping personal.  Click your way to Dainty’s Fabulous Accessories to add more spring to the wardrobe you may think has sprung.


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  1. Rhonda Maydwell Rhonda Maydwell

    What great ideas!! I love that you preach being a good steward, but not to the point that we can’t look cute! I also try to follow the rule that if I do buy something new to go into the closet, something old has to go. This keeps me from keeping clothes that no longer fit or would embarrass my daughter if I wore it in public! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  2. Demetria, thanks so much for the reminder. After I read this I did all of the good looks you suggested and found that my style is pretty classic, I just need a few beautiful accessories from you to ramp it up a bit! All hail, Pinterest for being a site where I can go and get ideas on how to “refurbish” my wardrobe for trending purposes. I love that! Great post. Keep it real and keep it Dainty.

  3. Thanks Demetria! This is a great post to remind us to be good stewards and search for our own hidden treasures. There’s no telling what one might find and some spring cleaning (organizing) might happen in the process as well. 🙂

  4. Carmen Carmen

    This was a great piece. I’ve looked and decided I still need to go shopping. LOL. Just kidding. I enjoyed reading this and was thinking of other areas in my life that need a little digging in. Thanks Demetria!

  5. Alfreida Alfreida

    Thanks, this is an area I really need to dig deeper into.

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