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Book CoverHave you ever thought that you were special just because you were related to someone really special?  Yeah, that’s me right now.  I am so proud of my cousin, D. Dianne Lenoir (Yes! We have the same name.  Writing runs in the family.), who has published her first book of poetry, The Spirit of the Lord is With Me.

One of the first places Dianne was to feature her poetic prowess was right here on the  blog with her poem, “When Do We Connect?”  Since that time she has been on the publicity trail with readings and book signings at local and chain book stores across North Louisiana.  Because her time is limited, I wanted to grab her and ask her a few questions about her journey and give you the opportunity to perhaps pick up a copy for yourself or as gifts to the ones you love.  I want hold you any longer.  Let the questions begin.

DianneWho’s That Lady: When did you write the first poem? What was the name of the poem and what inspired it?
Dianne: I wrote my first poem in September of 2011. The name of my first poem was He Was Always There. One day while cleaning out my book bag, I found a piece of paper in which I written one line; it simply said, “Where is that someone special?” At that point, I heard the spirit of Lord telling me that I needed to finish what I had started. Consequently my journey continues. The Holy Spirit led me to my Lord and Savior, because I had no idea what direction to take.

Who’s That Lady: When did you get it in your head to write a book of poetry?
Dianne: After writing my first poem, I felt I had the foundation to continue my journey. At that point I knew that I was being led by something much bigger than I am; a higher power.

I believe in my heart that divine inspiration led me to continue to write about God’s goodness, and I know my Lord was with me every step of the way, sometimes carrying me, but always there helping me to fulfill my purpose.

Who’s That Lady: What was the best thing about your writing process?
Dianne: The best thing about this process was that I learned how to listen to the Holy Spirit and really began to see myself. This process revealed the need to make a few adjustments in my life as it relates to patience and understanding. The race is not giving to the swift, nor to the strong but he who endures to the end and I’m enduring. I also discovered that there were words and thoughts inside me that I never believed would be “put to paper.” Now, I feel a sense of gratitude; grateful to the Lord for intervening and guiding me through the process of writing the poems and eventually getting publishing them.

Who’s That Lady: What was the most challenging about the entire process?
Dianne: Understanding what God wanted most for my life was the most challenging part of this process. Writing a book that would appeal to any reader, no matter what they were facing was also a challenge. I know that it was HIM who started me on this journey so I had to trust and have courage to step out on HIS word. I firmly believed that He would never leave me alone and that made the process less stressful.

Who’s That Lady: What advice would you give to others who may have a drive to go off their own beaten path and do something different and inspiring like you have?
Dianne: Slow down and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you, is my first recommendation. Secondly, one must be ready to meet challenges, overcome obstacles to pursue excellence. I think it is imperative to use all resources available to you as you “drive off the beaten path”. It’s very important to remember that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. With passion, perseverance, courage, heart and the Lord (mostly) by your side, you cannot fail.

Who’s That Lady: Is there another book in the works?
Dianne: Yes! I am currently working on another book, continuing the same theme of inspirational poetry however; I’ll be incorporating devotional type readings into the next book.

Who’s That Lady: What have you learned from this experience?
Dianne: I’ve learned that we all should be in a relationship with God. It is HE that determines our outcomes. I’ve learned that no matter how we view our lives, we can still step outside the box by challenging our routines and questioning our purpose in life, and that we should do ALL things that are aligned with God’s will for us; we must simply trust and believe in His word.

The Spirit of the Lord is With Me can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Ebay and in local bookstores and small businesses in and around North Louisiana.  You can easily access the book by clicking the activated links within this blog.  You may also click the book in the upper right hand corner to purchase straight from

If you would like to make inquiries to have Dianne come to your church or place of business for a book signing, contact her publicist by clicking here.  Also, you may view Dianne talking about her book on My ARKLAMISS

Thank you for sharing, Dianne.  We will all be reading more from you real soon!



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