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Wait Without Whining

Image copied from Maria More's Hot 107.9
Image copied from Maria More’s Hot 107.9

See, what had happened was, Neko and Quincy were playing a game and neglected to “vote her [Layla’s] character on,” as a player. I knew the inevitable would happened. First the eyebrows furrow, then the lips turn downward, the fists clinch, the eyes squint and finally the moaning–the subtle beginnings of a whine. But before her lips part and the high pitched un-ignorable sound commences I say three words, “…wait without whining…”

Assuredly these words resonated with me more than they did with her, because right now, if I turn my head just so, I can still hear the long drawn out warble downstairs. But even in my chiding of her, I became convicted. I gotta face it. I whine. Especially when things I think should happen are taking too darn long to happen.

My whine doesn’t look like Layla’s. Whining packages itself differently according to the personality of its owner. My whining is passive aggressive, quiet murmurs of un-pleasantries and dissatifaction–and I thought I was a patient person, pshaw. Just because I wait doesn’t mean I’m patient. Sometimes I don’t have a choice BUT to wait. So it’s not like I’m doing something grand every time I wait. Sometimes waiting is the only thing left to do; however, what one does while one waits makes the difference.

If you’re whining while you’re waiting, you’re not being totally patient. You’re cheating. Somewhere in the back of a whiner’s mind, she believes if she makes enough noise, the desired result will come more quickly–so, the whiner is not waiting patiently. Not really.

Whining is a poor use of vocal dexterity and a nuisance to everyone around. Nobody wants to hear all of that! God, I’m sure, doesn’t want to hear all that, from millions of people, all at one time. Just think how annoyed you get with a whining child, ESPECIALLY if she should have outgrown her whining stage (that’s another post). So, whining may draw things out a little longer (have you ever noticed a conversation with a whiner/complainer is the longest conversation In. The. World.). The attitude with which we wait determines the immediacy of the result. Waiting without whining may actually speed up the process. If nothing else, it will make the process more bearable.

Philippians tells us we should be anxious for nothing. Don’t get worked up about things when they don’t happen in the time we want them too. Anxiety, breeds whining. And whining is a negative expression of our dissatisfaction with a situation. It helps nothing. What helps is submitting all the things we want to whine about to God by praying. In our prayer we are free to petition God for the things we desire. After that, we should thank Him for listening and think happy thoughts (Philippians 4:4-8).

The quick and dirty. The problem: whining. The solution: worship. Yes worship. And I don’t mean your traditional hands in the air, eyes closed, running around the church, get your shout on, worship. What I’m talking about is a mind of worship where you consider his benefits toward you. His glory. The wonderful friends he’s given you. Peace of mind. The fact that you actually have something to wait for. While you wait, reminisce on other blessings you’ve received after a dry season in your life. Think about forgiveness and how it’s wonderfully unfathomable that it’s offered to you freely. And that you get more free stuff like brand spanking new mercies every single morning! Worship with your mind and it’s ability to remember God’s greatness. Turn your whiny-wait into a worship-wait, and the peace of God that no one can understand will be all around you as you wait.

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  1. nikkele nikkele

    I will wait on some new posts from you without whining! Let’s write!

  2. Tina Moore Tina Moore

    I won’t whine about how long it took me to get this principle but I will readily worship the God who made this article possible… Great write!

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