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The Bunny Hop

Like a Jack-n-the-Box on freshly lit crack, he hops up!  Shoots down the stairs.  Snatches open the front door like it’s the second coming!  Dashing to her car window, he gently opens the driver’s side door, gracing her with a warm smile before she takes the keys out of the ignition.  Daaang!  What a way to greet your wife!  Mr. Harris does this every time his wife pulls into the driveway.  Lovingly, he ushers her from her car seat into their home, carrying all purchases or just holding her hand.  This ritual is practiced whether she is returning from a weekend away or a trip to Family Dollar.  Doesn’t matter.

That’s not all he does for Mrs. Rib.  Sets her up in a nice home, works two jobs while she keeps house, watches T.V. or gets her nails and hair did.  Mr. Harris finances her every need and whim. On all her quirky business ventures, he gladly picks up the tab.  I’ve never seen a marriage like it!  I want to know where I can buy three replicas of Mr. Harris, one for me and two to sell on eBay.  It’s one of the weirdest and most beautiful observations I have been privy.  Not only does he provide for her with a chivalrous tone and note, he adores her every move.  He serves her with all he has.  Frequent calls during the day, home immediately after work, consistently available and accessible; love is embedded in each of his cells just for her. It’s so organic.  You can see it.  You can smell it.

This couple kindly opened their home to me when I first moved to Atlanta and the experience remains one of my most impressionable.   Over folding a newly dried basket of bounce-fresh clothes, I asked, “How did you get him like this?”

“Like what?” she responded.

“Hopping ‘round here like the Easter Bunny, doing whenever, however, and whatever you want him to do?” I questioned.

She giggled, focused, looked dearly in my eyes whispering, “I reverence him.”

“What you mean?” I questioned.

“I do the things he wants the most and I thank him for all he does for me and our daughter everyday.  I honor him with my words and the tone of my voice.  I minister to him,” she revealed.

What you say?  Made me think about my Husband.  Do I do what God wants?  Do I thank him daily for His provision covering my life?  Do I honor him with the words of my mouth and the tone in my speech?  Deuteronomy 30:8-9 promises, “And you will again obey the voice of the Lord and do all His commandments which I command you today.  The Lord your God will make you abound in all the work of your hand, in the fruit of your body, in the increase of your livestock, and in the produce of your land for good…” Hmmmm.  I get it!  God wants obedience. Reverencing God means uncompromising obedience. Obedience makes Him hop like the bunny!

Consistently yielding our ways to the dictates of the Word guarantees He will bless our jobs, take care of our children, preserve our finances and safeguard our lives.  Even if these areas hit a storm, we have a guaranteed promise of victory if we remain obedient.  The key to unfailing success is positioning every area of our life the way our Husband wants it.  The only way to accomplish this feat is know exactly what He wants.  What He wants can only be found in the Bible.  We must study for ourselves.

Assuming what God desires isn’t going to cut it.  We must dig through the pages of His Word ourselves to clearly grasp His expectations.  No one can look in the mirror for me so I can apply my makeup.  I have to do the looking to do it right.  It’s the same with the Word of God.  The Word is the mirror of the soul.  If my soul is going to look right, it has to look in its own mirror.  Just like we glare into the mirror several times a day to confirm our hair isn’t a hot mess, our soul needs several peeks in the Word to ensure it’s not a hot mess either!

Wouldn’t it be the coolest life to have the Creator of the universe mad dashing down the stairs of heaven, snatching open the door of your life, meeting you in the driveway of your journey to chivalrously usher you into your dreams?  Wouldn’t it be awesome for Him to serve you with all He has to offer?  He owns cattle on a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10) and the earth is His footstool (Isaiah 66:10).  That’s a lot to offer!  Now that I think about it, I don’t want to purchase another Mr. Harris.  Nawl!  I got a better deal with Jesus!  I just need to get right with reverencing Him through complete obedience.  Then I’ll be able to present a life that makes Him do the bunny hop!


Kathryn P. Bailey

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  1. This post, KB? This post is a good thing, for real.

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