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Remember the phrase that EVERYBODY and their mommas would say just whenever?  Remember making the letter W with the index and thumb fingers on both hands?  Remember flicking that hand up like you’re shooing away a fly when you came across a brother “talking a bunch of stuff?”

Whatever.  The universal word for the dismissal of nonsense, stupidity, foolishness, mess, inappropriateness and utter crap.  It also carries the connotation of not caring.

I’ve been a whatever kind of mood lately.  I know the word is “old school” now.  I’m sure people don’t say it like they used to, but here I am.  And you know what put me there?

Phillipians 4:8

I had no idea that WHATEVER was in the bible, especially in the context that I’d like to speak of it.  Funny thing, the use of it was sitting right there in the midst of my favorite passage of scripture–right there in between rejoicing and good things.

God put the word whatever right after the verse about peace that passes understanding.  That kind of peace, my friend, makes you say whatever.  When problems arise you can say, “Whatever…”   When it seems like everything is beginning to weild out of YOUR control, say “Whatever…”  But you can only have a whatever moment when you have peace.  Things that bother you don’t bother you if you have peace, and you can just throw that whatever over your shoulder and keep moving.

Then there is another whatever.  It’s the one that comes in verse 8.  This whatever has a new spin…it tells you just what you should concentrate on to maintain the peace of God that passes all understand.

Whatever is:




of good report




The bible says think on those things.  So now, when I say or think or even feel Whatever-y, I’m thinking about all those characteristics above.  For me, that kind of whatever is the most authentic and word-driven whatever a woman of God can use.  Though it has the same type of attitude of the driven in the ground colloquiallism, pairing it with God’s word gives it more power than I could ever imagine.

So when foolishness comes my way, I flip my hand up and give a resounding, “Whatever…,” because I know that God has given me other things to think of that will keep me in perfect peace.  I know that if I submit my request to Him in thanksgiving, rejoicing in Him always, I will have some peace.  I also know if someone tries to shake that peace, I can say whatever and really mean what I say.

Chucking up the “W”




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