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It Will Get Better, Really?

It will get better.  Really?

Nowadays, I hear so many people saying, I just want a job.  I just want to keep my car and not loose my house.  I just don’t want me and my family to be homeless.

Then they say, Forget Obama.  Forget Gingrich.  Forget (or whatever word you’re using) the company that laid me off.

We all know what the job market is like.  Go ahead and cuss.  Fuss.  Even if you’re a man, take that drive and cry it out.  Know that with that being said, I confess to you, it will get better.  You are being prepared for something better.  Also know that it doesn’t come over night, or even over a month or in some cases, not even a year.

It, through your God, comes when you least expect it to.  What’s even more encouraging is that it comes in a better form and from a totally difference source than you can ever expect.  Trust.  It. Will.  Get.  Better.

I’ve told my story a thousand times, so I’ll make it short. I did everything I was told to do. I got good grades in high school so I could go to a good college. I went to a well respected private HBCU in New Orleans and tried hard to stay focused. I got jobs during the summer and the regular semester. I participated in internships every summer. I graduated with honors and went on to graduate school. I graduated with honors from there as well.

I did what I was told to do, so here comes the good part, right? After three months of constant searching for that promised career, 350 plus mailed resumes, 75 times listening to “You’re overqualified” and 67 more times of “You don’t have enough experience” I landed a new job and out of excitement immediately moved.

Now let’s really make this long story short. I got laid off from my new job after 5 months.  I wasn’t in the situation to call mom or dad for money.  I begin to face the reality of debt. My niece died on Easter Sunday. My car stopped working. Now I’m walking down the street in a hot black suit and broken high heels thinking about how I woke up this morning with what I was thought was blurred vision or dirty eyeballs. I thought about how I’ve seen four doctors and took several medical tests that revealed I had lost three-fourths of my vision.  Suddenly, I swallowed and thought of Job. When is the “better” coming for me?  Then, a woman, who I’ll call Faithful, said to me, “It’s not about you.” Believe it or not, that was the best thing I had ever heard in a long time.  I took heed to her words, stayed true to my Creator and kept the faith.  Today, I am in a happy professional place in life that I could not have ever imagined and I look for even greater things.

In this blog entry the only words I would give you, as you continue your career search, or your personal life space, is “don’t give up.”  It will get better.  Oh, and remember, it’s not about you.  It’s about those of us waiting and needing to hear your testimony.

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