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Make It Pop!

Growing up I was always around fashionable women; my mom, my granny, my great-granny, my aunts and the women at my church, in my church particularly Ms. Dollie Love (my former pastor’s wife). My granny worked for a family who owned a exculsive downtown dress shop, my mom worked for Helen of Memphis an exquisite dress shop for the upper echelon of women in Memphis, so the latest hott fashions were a part of my family.  I loved then and still do now anything different; colorful; something that would make a person say WOW…matching from head to toe; I coordinated.

My, my, my have colors and coordinating changed. A splash of this and a dab of that, a color or pattern that will make others look twice have been intertwined in your basic hues. Color simply inspires, showcasing a range of styles and lifestyles; free and playful; light and breezy; contemporary classics. Color whether on your body or on your wall can help alter moods, while providing the vitality and enthusiasm that enables you to experiment with new looks and color combinations.

Oftentimes my daughter and I are getting dressed together and I asked the question “does this match?”  Her reply is always “mom it doesn’t have to match!”

No it doesn’t have to Match but it should Matter! Even though the rules have changed on coordination, matching and adding color, there are still rules for coordinating to fit you and the beautiful vessel God has created for your spirit.  In the words of my little sister “just because they make it your size doesn’t mean it’s made for you”.  Simple tips to remember:

Apple Shaped

·Wear blouses that fit you at your bust. Make sure they don’t cling to your body. Wrap-around tops work well for your shape. Choose jackets that have long lapels. Avoid empire-waist tops and turtlenecks. V-neck, boat and collared tops usually work best. Experiment with light and bright colors for you shirts and blouses.

  • Wear darker colored pants and skirts. To hide excessive weight in your middle, wear higher waistlines. Purchase pants that wide-legged.

Pear Shaped

  • Wear black tops and blouses that will make you look slimmer. Try sleeveless t-shirts and tops. Experiment with different looks that brings the eye upward. Draw the eyes up by wearing tops with patterns and color. Wide necklines will have the same effect. Dresses and skirts should fall at your knee. Avoid anything that is clingy.
  • Low-rise pants are a great choice for the woman who is pear shaped. Avoid pants with side pockets; they will only emphasis your hips. Wide or boot cut pants will draw the eye away from your hips.


  • Wear clothes that fit. Oversized clothes only add bulk and make you look larger. Look for tops and blouses that have details at the neckline to bring the eye to your face.
  • Patterns are fine as long as they match your body size. Try vertical stripes that are proportionate to your body size to make the eye look up and down instead of side to side.
  • Choose outfits that are monotone. All clothing should have some stretch to it. Find the smallest part of your waist and accentuate this area with a belt.

Boyish Figure

  • Buy baby doll blouses and dresses with ruffles and details around your bust. Bring attention to your shoulders, neck and face by wearing spaghetti straps and tank tops.
  • Shop for clothing that will define your waist. Experiment with different types of belts that will bring attention to your curves. Lots of color, textures and patterns look great on you.
  • Look for clothing that will make you look taller; avoid cropped tops and t-shirts. Skirts look great on women with boyish figures. Avoid boot cut pants and jeans; wear straight leg pants instead.

As Fall slowly falls out of view and Spring gradually springs into reach; try adding some color to your life! Throw a vibrant candy apple red purse on your shoulder; tie a banging fire orange scarf around your neck, put a little pep in your step with a fierce pair of animal print shoes or simply put a nice coat of “Did it on Em” OPi nail polish on your finger and toe nails.  Don’t be afraid to experiment; look around in your current wardrobe for items you already have; scarfs, purses, shoes, brooches, hair pieces, tights, nail polish JUST ADD THE COLOR!

So the next time you look in your closet for an outfit to make a statement remember to add some color. However, you decide to spin in the wheel of color, make it POP!

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