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Are you a victim of self-sabotage? I most certainly am. I do well at any good habit for a bit, and then somehow I manage to really foul up everything I’ve accomplished. I’ve been battling the same weight problem since I was thirteen—up and down, up and down. Now within the last five years, I’ve managed to play around with the same ten pounds, moving in out of the losing and gaining phase. Right now, with the beginning of the year, as usual, I’m in the loosing phase.  In addition to losing weight, my new goal is obtaining beautiful natural hair. And folks this January, I took my kinky twist down and behold my hair had grown, I was a good deep condition, washing and detangling away from seeing real success. And what did I do, systematically ruined it: I proceeded to wash it with the wrong shampoo (wrong because it was sulfate free and no match for the buildup in my hair, so I had to wash it several times rendering it helplessly dry), and then I flat ironed it, causing my ends to split and scream. Every step was a mistake. So, here I am weave back in, thinking to myself, “ Why, oh why do you KEEP doing this to yourself, one step forward and one step back.”

Just like this hair business, with every good habit I’ve tried to cultivate over the years, I have always been blessed to hang in there just long enough to make significant progress. So, I wonder why is it that I manage to destroy the things that God has helped me to create. When I see my goal in sight, I manage to retreat or ruin things. It’s possible that I fear success or that I get overly excited or I simply get satisfied, forgetting what I ultimately wanted to accomplish.

As I struggle to reach my goals, I must consider where my goals are coming from, are they born out of my spirit or my flesh? And if it’s my flesh then I’m in trouble because everything born out of the flesh is subject unto the flesh (Gal. 6:8) . So, when I’m tired of working out, I stop. When I don’t want to patiently detangle my hair, I get in a hurry start snatching at it, and then go back to the weave.  Now, there are areas of my life in which I am faithful.  I am a faithful usher, where they go, I go. I’m a faithful Sunday School teacher and friend.  And I am a more patient and understanding sister (I asked my brother; he verified).  And truly, I have not always been so, these habits were something I had to obtain and nurture, and as I made progress I didn’t retreat, I didn’t destroy. These aims where accomplished because they were born out of my spirit; my spirit kept me encouraged when my flesh grew weak.

So, as you set your goals dig them deep into your spirit and sow those goals unto God. Instead of thinking about those size 10 jeans, think about your body as the temple that it is and how God would have you to take care of it. That way no matter what size you are you are assured in the knowledge you’ve cared for your earthen vessel in a way that is pleasing unto God. When you want to rid yourself of a bad habit, consider how that habit is currently hindering your relationship with God.  I believe ladies that if we were to sow are goals unto the spirit, then we would be incapable of destroying the good things that God has allowed us to accomplished. Sure we will get tired, but when we do things to honor Him, He who began a great work in us will see it completed (Phil 1:6).

Nixing the sabotage,

Ida Marie

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    Thanks!!!!!!!!!! I needed that!!!

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