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What Not to Wear

I’m sure you’ve all seen the show before.  It’s actually one of my favorites.  Fashion experts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London select a poor unsuspecting violator of fashion and make her over into a brand new person.  But before all of this begins, the hosts of the show watch secret footage of the crimes of fashion and systematically intimate to the person all of her fashion flaws.  They pick the woman apart, telling her what is wrong with each item of clothing.  If that’s not enough, the victims friends are present to continuously “amen” all of the comments made by the host.  They further embarrass the guest by going into her closet and picking out all of the undesirable gigs she wears, all in preparation to throw them away, send her shopping, and redress her in appropriate attire.  Ultimately, the friends reasons for nominating the guest for the show goes something like this, “I just wanted her clothes on the outside to reflect the type of woman she is on the inside, and right now, her style is not doing that.”

The longer I watch the show, the more I think about what God says about my spiritual style.  He takes me back to the same two scriptures each time, scriptures that talk about what we should “put away” and then scriptures that outline what we should put on.  Ephesian 4:31 is one of those verses.  It admonishes that “all bitterness, and wrath and anger, and clamour and evil speaking, be put away from you with all malice:”  These are thing that we shouldn’t “wear” as divinely designed women of God.  After all, like on the show, you never know who’s watching.  I mean, really what would your “spiritual secret footage” reveal if you were to be a guest on God’s “What Not to Wear” show?  I lifted verse 31 from Ephesian 4 mainly because it says the actual words “put away”.  But the entire chapter outlines a myriad of spiritually unfit outfits we should discard.

Ladies it’s time to disrobe and get rid of the ill-fitting un-Christlike characterstics .  Take off the bitterness, get rid of the wrath.  Stop being angry all of the time, it’s not a good look.   And that word, clamour–well it means a loud outcry against something.  In other words it means to complain in a very loud voice.  And surely we as women of God wouldn’t be caught dead with clamour on when Proverbs clearly states that a soft answer turns away wrath!  The very next chapter outlines exactly what we should be clothed in, and that word is Love.  As verse 2 of chapter 5 states, that love should be like the sweet-smelling savor God offered in His son, Jesus Christ.

Still another verse that tells us “what not to wear” is found in Colossians.  In chapter 3 starting around verse 7 it outlines that at one time we did “wear” some undesirable things like anger, wrath, blasphemy, malice, and filthy communication.  Before our encounter with Christ we probably did wear the linen of lying; “but now ye also put off all these.”  Those three words:  anger, wrath, and malice, come up again in this verse as well.  So I tend to believe that anger, wrath, and malice must be a major part of a wardrobe that needs a lot of work.  I think we all know what anger is, but I looked up the biblical translation for wrath.  It implies that one thinks about something until they get angry, so angry that it makes them breathe hard, so angry that one may become impetuous and hard to calm down.  And the word malice, well it means one who follows a wicked heart, always thinking of evil.  When layered together, these three articles of spiritual clothing are so unattractive that they run people away, the complete opposite of what were designed to do.  We were designed to disciple people to Christ, not run them away from Him.

But the scripture gives us a nice exchange.  As we put away these, it tells us to put on the new man (or woman),  you know the one that is transformed because of her renewed mind, you know the one that has a clean heart and right spirit.  Now that’s what every woman of God should have on.  The renewed knowledge and image of God should be like the old closet staple known as the “little black dress.”  It is fitting for any occasion.  It can work from  9-5 at the office as well as look fabulous at the 6:00p dress-up dinner after work.

So as you continue to shop for your spiritual attire, be sure to check in with God.  He will tell you what not the wear through His word.  He wants the woman He created you to be to shine from the inside out.  And because He is a good God, he will transform you, renew you, and make you over into the beautiful and fabulous female of faith He would have you to be.

In the dressing room,


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  1. Linda Daniels Linda Daniels

    Thanks Lady Di for reminding me the garments that we
    should wear (our attire). Because I know my attire was
    nothing nice. But some how God has put me on a new
    mini shirt,a new pair hot pants and now I look like I
    am worth alot a million dollars. Thank God for my new
    look and my new attire. Everyday, I dress my attire
    (attitude) by staying in the word daily. So not only
    will I have a new attire but a new attitude where lights
    are shinning all around me.

    Keep up the good work Lady Di.

    Linda Daniels

  2. I think one of the major reasons people hold on to anger is their need to feel vindicated and a lack of trust in God to heal them. We often feel in some way that being angry with someone is punishing them when in fact we are punishing ourselves. Life is so much better when you focus on the things that give life and health to your bones, one of which is love as you mentioned. When it is all said and done, some things are just not worth holding on to and we also must use godly insight to understand what it is that causes us to feel that we need to do so.

  3. Another good one! 🙂

  4. Mary Etta Green Mary Etta Green

    Thank you for that beautiful Word and enlightenment. In light of the prevalence of hatred, jealousy, and resentment that one may be faced with everyday, I appreciate you, and the Word and with great expectancy I believe God can fix any heart that needs repair. I love it!

  5. That is so true Ms. Malone
    My mo always taught us to leave something to the imaginaton’
    Andd my God says a man should dress in male attire and a woman shall dress in female attire
    I am so glad that the Holy Spirit Guides Us even when our tunnel is dim
    Thank you for all that you have done
    Bless U and Your Entire Family

  6. Sylvan Settle Sylvan Settle

    All I can say is AMEN!!!

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