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Month: February 2015

Look at You!

This fearfully and wonderfully made scripture. We quote it to death, most times to other people, less often to ourselves. Now is the time to take those two words–fearful and wonderful, and put some meat on them. When you were planned, when you were just a twinkle in God’s eye, He already knew He would make you good and perfect for your personal journey to give him public and uncut glory. As a matter of fact, ladies–you were fashioned by God, the icing on the cake, the jewels in the crown of creation. You can’t miss that. So, if you’re down and out today, if someone has made you feel less than, if you are the one dumping dung on your divine destiny. STOP IT!

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Forgiveness is for you.

Our egos tell us that we should not be treated a certain way and under no circumstances should we let anyone get away with it. On the one hand it is very true that we deserve to be treated properly, but in every case is the maltreatment due to maliciousness? Is it due to a genuine, pointed attempt to hurt us? We have to examine every case and determine the motive, and many times we may find that the motives are usually immaturity, ignorance, deflection due to a personal struggle, etc. Oftentimes the crime against us is not about us but rather about the issues the offender has that would seep into anyone who comes in that person’s path. And to flip it, how many times have we done or said something that was not truly indicative of who we are yet expected others to understand our intentions?

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